SEWARD CITY COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS Following is a condensed form of minutes. A complete copy is on file at City Hall, 537 Main St. or may be viewed at The Seward City …


SEWARD CITY COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS Following is a condensed form of minutes. A complete copy is on file at City Hall, 537 Main St. or may be viewed at The Seward City Council met in regular session in the basement of the Civic Center, 616 Bradford Street, Seward, on Mar 7, 2023 at 7:02 p.m., with Mayor Joshua Eickmeier presiding. Councilmembers present: Megan Kahler, Jessica Kolterman, Karl Miller, John Singleton, Matt Stryson, Tatum Tonniges, Rich Wergin, Jonathon Wilken. Councilmembers absent: None. Following items were approved: Claims (SCI - PARAGRAPH FORM, PLEASE); SCCDP Qtr Reprt; Minutes Feb 21, 2023; Appt Jill Martin to CRA; Prof. Serv. Agree with Davis Design for SVFD planning; Speed Bump Removal on E Seward St; Christopher Sieck as Mngr of Casey’s #2730 Liquor License; Auth Negot with Sampson Cons for Constuction-Manager-At-Risk for Wellness Center; City Admin Reprt; Adj. 8:26 p.m. AKRS Equipment Inc, RE, 304.44; All Star Glass, RE, 500.00; Altec Industries Inc, RE, 16.28; Amazon Business, SU, 922.52; Amazon.Com Credit Service, SU, 82.32; Awards Unlimited Inc, SU, 7.50; Barco Municipal Products, SU, 3,953.51; Bizco Technologies, IT, 5,993.94; Blue Cross Blue Shield Ne, BE, 64,627.80; Campbell Cleaning, SE, 1,055.00; Capital Business-Dallas, MA, 697.90; Cash-Wa Distributing Co, ML, 599.07; Cerny Dan, RI, 99.98; Chase Card Service, 11,515.94; Adobe, MS, 842.09; Amazon, SU, 653.99; ASCE, TG, 300.00; AWWA, TG, 75.00; Beacon Athl, SU, 1,287.53; Blackhawk, SU, 59.07; Café on the Square, ML, 177.28; Cleanitsupply, SU, 75.29; Concordia Univ, MC, 160.00; Constant Contact, SE, 20.00; Dragon Palace, ML, 175.93; Emergency Solutions, SE, 169.90; ESRI, MS, 512.64; Fastmart, SE, 12.00; First Samco Fobus, SU, 45.23; Fisher Space, SU, 34.78; Heartsmart, SU, 118.25; Holiday Inn, TG, 553.52; The Home Depot, SU, 73.27; Husker GM Service, RE, 327.07; IAPE, TG, 395.00; Microsoft, MS, 244.62; Natl Academy Assn, MS, 130.00; Paypal, MC, 11.99; Perkins, TG, 49.95; Rod's Power Sports, RE, 146.81; Runza, ML, 268.22; Safe Life Defense, SE, 204.53; Sam's Club, SU, 409.10; Scheels, TO, 754.99; Scooter's, ML, 21.40; SpareTime Lounge, ML, 113.75; Tactacam, MA, 120.00; Unity School Bus, SU, 132.26; Univ of NE, TG, 345.00; Univ of NE Omaha, TG, 393.00; USPS, PO, 29.60; Valentino's, ML, 191.43; Walmart, SU, 884.25; Wilson Sptg Gds, SU, 964.98; Zoom, MS, 32.22; City Seward Buildings/Gr, OP, 3,000.00; City Seward Electric Fund, UT, 41,814.59; City Seward Library Petty, PO, 107.38; City Seward Payroll Accou, SA, 177,869.14; Conner Psych Services, SE, 525.00; Constellation Newenergy, UT, 6,281.11; Ed Schulz LLC, MA, 1,689.03; Ehlers Electronics, SU, 16.07; Gerhold Concrete Co Inc, MA, 91.38; Hach Company, SU, 951.04; Hauder Alex, RI, 129.98; Helmink Printing/Grph Inc, SU, 554.00; Hobson Automotive & Tire, RE, 666.62; Hoffschneider Law PC LLO, SE, 4,750.00; Husker Electric Supply Co, SU, 4,940.38; Int'L Public Management, SU, 255.00; Janicek Gary M, RI, 72.00; Jones Bank, MC, 342.51; Last Mile Network Consult, IT, 90.00; Lincoln Winwater Works, RE, 876.78; Maxson Haley, MC, 35.00; Menards North, BU, 669.12; Metering & Technology Sol, MA, 5,505.15; Mid-American Benefits Inc, BE, 869.21; Midwest Auto Parts, SU, 7.37; Municipal Supply Omaha, RE, 403.77; Nebraska D A S Acct Ocio, MA, 245.00; Nebraska Health Lab, MA, 78.00; Nextlink, SE, 100.00; Norris Public Power Distr, UT, 1,202.74; Olsson, CI, 4,331.29; One Source Background Che, SE, 19.00; O'Reilly Automotive Inc, RE, 170.64; Orscheln Farm & Home, SU, 82.67; Piitz Lonnie, SE, 150.00; PIP, SU, 2,460.95; Principal Financial Group, BE, 2,436.96; Schemmer Architects Engin, CI, 1,050.00; Security Equipment Inc, BU, 407.40; Seward County EMA, SU, 6.00; Sports Express, SU, 208.30; Suhr & Lichty Insurance A, MS, 775.00; Time Warner/Spectrum, SE, 798.81; U S Cellular, SE, 218.57; Verizon Wireless, SE, 431.69; Wesco Distribution Inc, IV, 1,902.75; White Cap, SU, 706.62. CLAIMS TOTAL, $360,670.22. Derek Bargmann City Clerk SCI — March 29, 2023 ZNEZ


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