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The Seward County Independent, Milford Times, Friend Sentinel, Wilber Republican and Crete News will print a one-time birth announcement free of charge for babies up until six months of age. Free notices follow a standard news format. Any submitted information will be rewritten as needed to follow that format. Paid ads are available if the submitting party desires more personal language (i.e. “We love you,” “Congratulations!”). If multiple publication dates are requested, only one free notice will be granted; all others must be in the form of a paid ad. To place an ad, call (402) 643-3676.

Photos may be included with written permission from the photographer. Printed photos will be returned if a self-addressed, stamped envelope is included. High-resolution digital photos in JPG format may be attached below or emailed to Photos will be printed in black and white, but a color photo is preferred to start with.

Use the form below or mail the information requested below to P.O. Box 449, Seward, NE 68434.

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