SEWARD CITY COUNCIL MINUTES Following is a condensed form of minutes. A complete copy is on file at City Hall, 537 Main St. or may be viewed at The Seward City Council …


SEWARD CITY COUNCIL MINUTES Following is a condensed form of minutes. A complete copy is on file at City Hall, 537 Main St. or may be viewed at The Seward City Council met in regular session in the Council Chambers, 142 N 7th Street, Seward, on July 19, 2022 at 7:00 p.m., with Mayor Joshua Eickmeier presiding. Councilmembers present: Ellen Beck, Alyssa Hendrix, Sid Kamprath, Jessica Kolterman, Karl Miller, John Singleton, Matt Stryson, Jonathon Wilken. Councilmembers absent: None. Following items were approved: City Codes Rept, Treas Rept, Claims, Police Dept Rept; Minutes July 5, 2022; Appt Katrina Goldsmith to Hous Appls Brd for 3-Years; Reappt Larry Goldsmith and Thomas Suhr to Tree Brd for 3-Years; Reappt Ronald Wallman to Plan Comm for 3-Years; Ord No. 2022-8 – Prelim/Final Plat Knox Add; Ord No. 2022-9 – Rezone Knox Add; Rev 1&6 Year Street Improv Plan; WW Treat Fac Plan; Res. No. 2022-22 – No Park Waverly Rd; Ack Recpt of Airport Auth Levy Res; Ord No. 2022-11 – Rev Code 85.5-1; City Admin Reprt; Strat Sess; Adj. 9:12 p.m. ADE, RE, 13.44; AKRS Equipment Inc, RE, 6.50; Anderson Auto Group, RE, 918.80; Aqua-Chem Inc, MA, 3,602.75; Badger Meter, SE, 194.20; Barco Municipal Products, FA, 2,039.71; Berens-Tate Consulting Gr, MC, 4,000.00; Birkels Rock And Gravel, GU, 718.13; Bishop Michael, OP, 90.00; Bizco Technologies, IT, 5,692.78; Black Hills Energy, UT, 18,500.62; Blue River Electric LLC, BU, 4,900.08; Blue To Gold Law Enforce, TG, 225.00; Bode Adam, OP, 90.00; Border States Industries, IV, 21,654.55; Brandl John, OP, 90.00; Brunckhorst Kent, OP, 90.00; Callaway Golf, MH, 588.84; Campbell Cleaning, SE, 350.00; Capital Business-Cheyenne, MA, 10.99; Cash-Wa Distributing Co, MH, 470.00; Chelewski Kent, OP, 90.00; Cihal Alan F, OP, 90.00; City Seward Library Petty, PO, 88.89; City Seward Merchant Serv, SE, 3,106.02; City Seward Payroll Accou, SA, 201,342.12; City Seward Perpetual Fd, SL, 1,800.00; Consolidated Management, TG, 67.70; Constellation Newenergy, UT, 740.67; Core Robert, OP, 90.00; Crete Legion Baseball, MS, 300.00; Culligan Of Crete, BU, 56.00; Danko Emergency Equipment, UN, 353.79; Diamond Vogel Paint Cente, SU, 197.80; Dworak Tim, OP, 180.00; E M C Insurance Companies, BE, 1,000.00; Emergency Medical Product, SU, 2,085.62; Exchange Bank, FA, 3,300.00; Farmers Coop Seward, GS, 20,029.36; Fast Mart, GS, 363.13; Fastenal Company, SU, 96.34; Fisher Zachary G, OP, 90.00; Foreup Golf Software Inc, IT, 937.30; Fyr-Tek, EQ, 580.00; Galls LLC, UN, 166.15; Gehring Construction, CI, 97,282.38; General Fire & Safety Equ, BU, 2,404.35; Gleason Logan, OP, 90.00; Grainger Inc, BU, 37.74; H&S Plumb Heat & Air Inc, BU, 266.96; Hans Jared, OP, 90.00; Hauder Alex, OP, 90.00; Helmink Printing/Grph Inc, SU, 1,369.00; Herald Cody, OP, 90.00; Herpolsheimer'S Inc, RE, 408.02; Hobson Automotive & Tire, RE, 280.45; Hochstein Jared, OP, 90.00; Home Depot Pro, SU, 393.17; Homerun BBQ, ML, 1,251.25; Hydraulic Equipment, RE, 85.67; Internal Revenue Service, MC, 130.34; JEO Consulting Group, CI, 7,372.50; Jones Automotive, SU, 89.05; K & Z Distributing, SU, 665.90; Kahler Daniel S, OP, 90.00; Last Mile Network Consult, IT, 90.00; LCL Truck Equipment Inc, RE, 891.00; Lee's Refrigeration, BU, 1,524.97; Mailand's Clothing, UN, 84.00; Matheson Tri-Gas Inc, OP, 131.64; Memorial Health-Drug, SE, 240.00; Menards North, SU, 121.93; Menards South, GU, 2,029.98; Mid-American Benefits Inc, BE, 2,965.07; Midwest Auto Parts, RE, 566.09; Midwest Automotive Inc, RE, 631.59; Midwest Laboratories Inc, MA, 1,473.13; Midwest Petroleum Equip, FA, 7,975.75; Nebrascut Lawn Care, GU, 81.30; Nebraska Equipment Inc, RE, 246.77; Nebraska Fire Marshal, BU, 259.00; Nebraska Golf & Turf, FA, 8,260.00; Nebraska Golf Association, MS, 23.00; Nebraska Mosquito/Vector, TG, 25.00; Nebraska Treasurer, OP, 10.98; Norris Public Power Distr, UT, 811.00; Olsson, SE, 557.75; One Call Concepts Inc, SE, 115.32; One Source Background Che, SE, 95.00; O'Reilly Automotive Inc, RE, 694.85; Orscheln Farm & Home, SU, 643.35; Pac 'N' Save Discount Foo, ML, 2,837.73; Pecka Brook, OP, 90.00; Pedersen Brent, OP, 90.00; Phillips Jarod, MI, 750.47; Pitney Bowes Inc, OP, 3,004.32; Quality Brands Of Lincoln, SU, 1,474.25; Riverside Portables LLC, SE, 325.00; Ruether Larry L, OP, 90.00; Sam's Club (LIB-REC-POOL), MH, 570.82; Schemmer Architects Engin, CI, 22,260.75; Sestak David, OP, 60.00; Seward Airport Authority, OP, 950.00; Seward County Chamber & D, MC, 2,020.00; Seward County Clerk/Reg D, SE, 45.50; Seward County Independent, PU, 1,188.29; Seward County Treasurer, SE, 15,949.25; Seward Kiwanis Club, RE, 142.00; Seward Lumber & Home Cent, SU, 735.09; Seward Public Schools, MC, 57.50; Seward Wind LLC, UT, 28,963.59; St Louis Michelle, OP, 90.00; State Distributing Co, SU, 478.10; That Tuning Guy, SE, 170.00; Total Tool Supply Inc, TO, 1,027.98; Trimax Mowing Systems, ER, 293.43; Ty'S Outdoor Power & Serv, RE, 55.25; U S A Bluebook - Cust 812, SU, 482.58; Van Diest Supply Co, RE, 184.00; Verizon Wireless, SE, 1,851.10; Wesco Distribution Inc, RE, 508.25; Windstream Nebraska Inc, SE, 1,926.10; Zimco Supply Co, GU, 1,614.84; , CLAIMS TOTAL, $534,808.72. Derek Bargmann City Clerk SCI—August 10, 2022 ZNEZ


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