SEWARD CITY COUNCIL MINUTES Following is a condensed form of minutes. A complete copy is on file at City Hall, 537 Main St. or may be viewed at The Seward City Council …


SEWARD CITY COUNCIL MINUTES Following is a condensed form of minutes. A complete copy is on file at City Hall, 537 Main St. or may be viewed at The Seward City Council met in regular session in the Seward Civic Center, 616 Bradford St, Seward, on November 17, 2020, at 7:00 p.m., with Mayor Joshua Eickmeier presiding. Councilmembers present: Jonathon Wilken, Sid Kamprath, Jessica Kolterman, Karl Miller, John Singleton, Chris Schmit, Alyssa Hendrix. Absent: Ellen Beck. Following items were approved: Minutes Nov 3, 2020; Claims; City Treas Reprt; Police Dept Reprt; Add Jensen Schulz and Brady Johnson to Seward Vol Firefighter Roster; Infrast Cost Reimb to City; Spl Use Permit for 1778 Pine St to operate auto body shop; TIF – Arrowhead Estates, LLC, Twin Oaks Dev 7th Addn; Ord 2020-29 Update ULDO Rezone Jarecki Addn; Ord 2020-30 Update ULDO Rezone Banzhaf Addn; Ord 2020-31 Text Amend to ULDO -allow convenience storage; Ord 2020-27 Floodplain/Floodway Overlay Dist; Ord 2020-27Amend No. 2 to automated metering agrmt with NPPD; Maint Agrmt No. 28 with NDOT; Res 2020-42 NDOT year-end cert of Street Superintendent; Designate Julie A. Ogden, JEO, as Street Superintendent for NDOT Incentive Pmts; Update Master Agrmt with Olsson for on-call services; Amend Rules & Regs for Seward Cemeteries; First Amend to Employee Handbook for comp time; Agrmnt with GWorks for Payroll Time & Attend Module; City Admin report; Adjourn. AKRS Equipment, Re, Gu, 85.88; Amazon.Com Credit Service, Su, Misc, 550.44; Autographix Inc, Misc, 618.00; Baker & Taylor, Su, 3,399.37; Barco Municipal Product, Signs, 3,348.04; Bern's Body Shop, Re, 2,069.00; Biblionx LLC, Ma, 4,223.00; Bizco Technologies, Se, Bu, Eq, 14,453.43; Blackburn Manufacturing, Re, 242.89; Black Hills Energy, Ut, 820.60; Blue Valley Pest Control, Bu, 80.00; Border States Industries, Re, 792.28; Burlington Northern Santa, Misc, Ex, 1,219.58; Callaway Golf, Merchandise, 243.16; Campbell Cleaning, Se, Su, 1,001.99; Cattle Bank & Trust, Eq, 24,245.00; City Seward Library Petty, Su, 77.64; City Seward Merchant Serv, Se, 2,497.45; City Seward Payroll Account, Payroll, 157,307.51; City Seward Perpetual Fd, Lot Sales, 1,050.00; Coast To Coast Solutions, Su, 69.45; Commonwealth Electric Co, Re, 2,530.74; Consolidated Water Solution, Re, 1,301.67; Constellation Newenergy, Ut, 118.48; Cornhusker Press, Su, 123.45; Cornhusker State Industries, Re, 714.00; Eakes Office Solutions, Su, 40.04; Elliott Equipment Co, Ma, 3,778.37; Emergency Medical Product, Su, 201.17; Farmers Coop Seward, Su, Re, Ma, 4,123.07; Galls LLC, Un, 87.45; Gehring Construction, Ci, 7,159.30; Gerhold Concrete Co Inc, Gu, Su, 2,073.13; Great Plains Communication, Eq, 4,455.94; GWorks, Se, 10,923.23; H & S Plumbing Heating, Bu, 761.96; HD Supply Construction, Su, 88.98; Hobson Automotive & Tire, Re, Ma, 539.87; Home Depot Pro, Su, 210.90; Husker Electric Supply Co, Re, Tools, 2,447.67; Hydraulic Equipment Service, Re, 743.84; J E O Consulting Group In, Se, 1,000.00; Jackson Services Inc, Su, 142.19; Jacobsen Rock & Gravel, Su, Ma, 1,087.63; Johnson Controls Inc, Ma, 4,973.09; Jones Automotive, Eq, 10,599.55; Konica Minolta Business, Ma, 28.92; Last Mile Network Consult, Se, 90.00; League Nebraska Muni, Trng, 95.00; Lee's Refrigeration, Ma, 83.75; Matheson Tri-Gas Inc, Su, 146.74; Menards North, Su, Re, 327.12; Mid-American Benefits Inc, Ina, 1,030.47; Midwest Auto Parts, Ma, Bu, Re, 714.39; Midwest Automotive, Re, 307.00; Midwest Laboratories Inc, Se, 920.67; Municipal Supply Omaha, Inv, Re, Ci, 1,536.29; Nebraska Mun Clerks' Asso, Dues, 45.00; Nebraska Pub Pow-Desmoine, Incentive, Ut, 427,127.17; Niemann's Port-A-Pot LLC, Se, 250.00; Norris Public Power Dist, Ut, 857.10; Oberhauser Doug, Incentive, 3,500.00; One Call Concepts Inc, Se, 112.25; O'Reilly Automotive Inc, Su, Re, 259.20; Orscheln Farm & Home, Re, Su, Gu, 356.79; Overdrive Inc, Misc, 1,000.00; Pac 'N' Save Discount Food, Gu, Su, Bu, Re, Ma, 2,378.30; Paper Tiger Shredding, Se, 30.00; Pitney Bowes Inc, Se, Su, 4,605.00; Plunkett's Pest Control, Bu, 61.61; Policky Brandon A, Un, 236.33; Seward County Clerk/Reg D, Ex, 16.00; Seward County Independent, Ex, 436.37; Seward County Treasurer, Se, 19,217.17; Seward Lumber & Home Cent, Su, Bu, Ma, Re, 288.01; Seward Public Schools, Fines, Fees, 1,927.60; Seward Storage, Ex, 2,310.00; Seward Wind LLC, Ut, 42,079.80; Sleuth Systems, Se, 648.00; Spickelmier & Son Inc, Re, 1,570.00; Sports Express, Ex, 268.65; Steager Irrigation LLC, Se, 110.00; Sterling West, Ci, 10,084.50; Trimax Mowing Systems, Su, 18.21; Truck Center Companies, Re, 1,809.59; U S A Bluebook - Cust 812, Su, Tools, 290.80; U S Postal Service, Su, 4,500.00; Verizon Wireless, Se, 269.09; Vessco Inc, Su, 423.63 Visa - Pinnacle Bank: 334.26 Harlequinn, Su, -18.39; Walmart, Ma, 171.62; Bluestem, Se, 115.00; Zoom.Us, Misc, 16.03; Iowa Library Assn, Trng, 50.00 WCHE LLC, Ci, 100,842.42; Wegman Nicole, Ex, 125.00; Wesco Distribution Inc, Inv, Su, Re, 37,800.02; Windstream Nebraska Inc, SE, 1,884.20; Woods & Aitken LLP, Se, 90.00; Wynegar Ann, Ex, 125.00; York Equipment, Re, 29.89 CLAIMS TOTAL: $952,217.74 Bonnie Otte Asst. Admin/Clerk-Treasurer/ Budget & HR Director SCI — December 16, 2020


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