SCCDP adds new member to team


The Seward County Chamber and Development Partnership recently added a new member to its staff who is excited to start an interesting, fun and challenging job.

Joanie Brecka, director of marketing and storytelling at the SCCDP, is originally from David City and moved to Seward in 2019.

“I’ve always had lifelong ties to Seward,” she said. “Part of my family used to have a farm here.”

Brecka said she’s also the president of the Seward Municipal Band.

“We’ve been tied to the Seward Municipal Band for about 40 years,” she said. “My dad was in it.”

Before taking the job with the SCCDP, Brecka said she used to work from home as a graphic designer for KVsupply in David City.

Now that she’s the director of marketing and storytelling, Brecka said she will work with advertising and the Visitors Bureau, along with doing social media and interviewing people.

“I’ll be telling stories and making sure that people understand the businesses and what Seward has to offer,” she said. “I’ll also welcome new people into the community and make sure they know what Seward has to offer.”

Brecka mentioned that she won’t just be working with Seward, but the county as well.

As far as why she wanted to work for the SCCDP, Brecka said she was contacted by Jonathan Jank, president and CEO of the SCCDP, about the job.

“He knew that I had done graphic design for several years, and he said that there was a job that I should apply for,” she said. “When I read the position, I knew it was something that I could use creatively to merge with what their team does and really support Seward. It sounded like a very interesting, fun and challenging job.”

Even though she’s only been in the position since Jan. 3, Brecka has a few goals.

“Even living here, I haven’t gone out and done professional business stuff,” she said. “So, I’m getting to know more of the community and building relationships with businesses and members of the community.”

Brecka said she also wants to see what she can offer creatively and show that Seward is a great place to live.

“There’s a lot of opportunities that people don’t necessarily know about,” she said. “I’d like to reach out and promote Seward in that way.”

Brecka said her experience at the new job and getting out to the smaller communities in the county has been fun.

“It’s been a great experience so far,” she said. “It’s been fun to get out and meet so many people that I haven’t had a chance to interact with.”