Model T drive through Seward postponed


The Museum of American Speed’s journey of taking their 100-year-old Model T has been postponed due to a breakdown in Pennsylvania.
The car was supposed to make its way through Seward at about 9 a.m. on Tuesday, June 11, but now, it coming through Seward at all remains uncertain. 
“The Museum’s Sea to Sea in a Model T effort has run into a snag in Pennsylvania earlier this week, and we’re presently on a pause for progress until our T engine is rebuilt,” Sea to Sea map maker Rich Johnston said. “The rebuild is underway now, and we hope to resume driving in a few days.”
Seward Good Life Car Club founder Earl Pierce was alerted by email about the delay.
“He says it was delayed, and he'd give me an update, and I'm sure it's changed routes now, too,” Pierce said. 
Pierce sent out an email to the club about the changes, and the group has been relatively calm about the change in plans.
“No (there hasn’t been much reaction), we’re a pretty laid back club.” Pierce said.