Going to vote? Remember your ID


Voters will be required to show photo identification when they arrive at the polls this year.

An accepted photo ID must have the voter’s name and photo on it, and it must adhere to the type of ID provided for in state law.

“Voter ID was on the ballot in 2022 and was approved overwhelmingly,” said Sherry Schweitzer, Seward County Clerk and Election Commissioner. “So, here we are in 2024. Although some don’t think we need it, it’s the law and we need to abide by it.”

A driver’s license is the most common form of photo ID and may be used for voting.

A license can be expired, and it does not have to have the voter’s current address on it.

Other acceptable forms of photo ID include a state-issued ID card, a passport, a military or Tribal ID card, an ID from a political subdivision, such as those worn by county, city or village personnel, or an ID card from a high school or college.

“They must be public – not private like Concordia or Doane,” Schweitzer said.

Those who live in assisted living facilities or care centers may bring a document known as a face sheet.

“It’s a sheet that shows the picture and name of the person that the facility takes when a person moves in,” Schweitzer said.

She encourages voters to remind their neighbors,  friends and children to take their ID when they go to the polls, even if they know the folks running the polls.

“Everyone must show ID – even if it’s your spouse on the election board,” Schweitzer said.

Those who do not show photo identification will still be allowed to vote, but additional steps will be required.

“They have to put their ballot in an envelope and complete some paperwork. Then, they have to bring their ID within seven days to my office for me or my staff to see, then we can count their ballot,” Schweitzer said.

If a person doesn’t have an ID at all, they may complete a Reasonable Impediment Form and then vote.

“We check if they in fact have an ID and if not, then count the ballot,” Schweitzer said.

Because of the seven-day ID rule, final certified election results won’t be given out until after the seven-day period.

For a complete list of acceptable forms of photo ID for voting, visit the Nebraska Secretary of State’s website at sos.nebraska.gov/elections/voter-id.