Coach Evan Klanecky described Sept. 4’s opponent as typical Aquinas.

“Their team is really solid across the board. There are no weak spots,” he said.

The Centennial football team found that out Friday when Aquinas shut them out 27-0.

“It was tough to put a drive together,” Klanecky said.

The first half, however, the Broncos played well. Some bad luck and penalties kept them out of the end zone, but CHS trailed just 7-0 at halftime.

In the third quarter, Klanecky said, Centennial gave Aquinas some short fields, and the Monarchs took advantage, extending their lead to 21-0.

Despite the loss, Klanecky said the Broncos made some huge strides forward. Now they need to work on football IQ.

“Last week it was the big picture,” he said. “Now we need to fine tune. The effort and attitude were good. We hung in there with a really good team.”

He said the offensive line played well, and Michael Nisly ran better.

“He hit a second gear and had some slick runs,” Klanecky said.

Nisly finished with 99 yards on 13 carries.

Will Saunders, Jared Bailey and Carson Fehlhafer each had five solo tackles on defense. Fehlhafer and Bailey added three assists, as well.

Klanecky was pleased with Nisly’s run attack. He said Lance Haberman played well at linebacker, despite being undersized.

The Broncos (1-1) are scheduled to be on the road Friday, Sept. 11, at Grand Island Central Catholic. Kickoff has moved up to 5 p.m.

The Crusaders run a spread offense, a 180-degree difference from Aquinas, Klanecky said.

“It’ll be a fun week, a change of pace,” he said.

Klanecky said the Broncos will work on the pass rush and finding wrinkles in the cover three defense.

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