Work Together Wednesday

Emma Kaup, a student at Bright Beginnings Child Development Center in Seward, picks up a piece of trash with her partner, Masey Stava.

Work Together Wednesday was a success April 10, when preschoolers and high school students partnered to pick up trash around Seward High.

The service project was part of National Week of the Young Child, which celebrated early learning April 8-12.

Bright Beginnings Child Development Center at the Seward United Methodist Church focused on five different themes throughout the week: Music Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Work Together Wednesday, Artsy Thursday and Family Friday—when families and pets visited students at the center.

Caroline Fehlhafer, a preschool teacher at the center, said she is always trying to come up with new ideas for activities. She said Work Together Wednesday served several purposes.

“This will help the high school teach compassion for younger kids, leadership and helping out the community by picking up trash,” Fehlhafer said.

She said some of the high school students hadn’t worked with young kids before, so activities like this one could help them experience something new or give them something to consider as a future career.

“And it’s nice for kids with no older siblings to see some older kids,” Fehlhafer said.

The preschool and pre-kindergarten students from Bright Beginnings worked with Jim Placke’s Lifetime Sports class.

“It was a great partnership,” Fehlhafer said.

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