You know it is a very upside-down year when the City of Seward’s annual Fourth of July Celebration Committee voted May 18 to not host a live Fourth of July Celebration in 2020 and merge their 2020 Fourth of July celebration event into their 2021 Fourth of July Celebration.

It is true, Seward will not host the thousands on July 4, 2020, at least physically. Since this is obviously the year of change, incorporating technology into everything, the committee is working to make aspects of the celebration into a virtual celebration. They will feature many of the events and annual features of Seward’s fourth online on their Facebook page and possibly their website for all to enjoy safely at home.

The Seward Fourth of July Celebration is celebrating its 153rd annual event, but the town will be much quieter this year, thanks to COVID-19 and its related social distancing and gathering restrictions.

“I have been involved in over 50 Fourth of July Celebrations, and no one hated to halt the event this July 4 more than I did, but we are not above all the other wonderful events and happenings that have had to cancel," Clark Kolterman, committee chair, said. "There has been so much heartache over cancellations this year and this is just one more. At least we can find comfort in knowing we have a bigger event in the making for July 4, 2021. Believe me, this next year will be very organized, as we will have had two years to make it great!”

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