Bailey Boswell

Bailey Boswell appears via video conference during her first court appearance before Saline County Judge Linda Bauer after being charged with first degree murder Sydney Loofe and improper disposal of human skeletal remains at the Saline County Courthouse in Wilber, Nebraska, Tuesday, June 12, 2018. REBECCA S. GRATZ/THE WORLD-HERALD

A change of venue request for Bailey Boswell, accused of first-degree murder in the November 2017 death of Sydney Loofe, a Lincoln woman, was granted Sept. 6. 

Her trial, which was previously slated to begin next month in Saline County District Court, will now begin in March 2020 in Lexington. 

Boswell’s attorney Todd Lancaster submitted a change of venue request in late July, following a guilty verdict for Boswell’s boyfriend and supposed co-conspirator Aubrey Trail in the death. 

Loofe and Boswell went on a date after meeting on the dating app Tinder the week of Nov. 6, 2017. 

Trail said during testimony at his trial that Loofe died in his and Boswell’s Wilber apartment, during a sexual fantasy. 

“I didn’t mean for it to go that far, but it did,” Trail said. 

According to court documents, Boswell claimed “deep and bitter prejudice in the venire” or jury pool, against her within the county, preventing her from a fair trial. 

The amount of media coverage regarding Trail’s trial was also a concern of Lancaster’s, stating an impartial jury within Saline County could not be easily chosen. 

State prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Boswell if she is found guilty.

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