New classroom

Milford Elementary students and teachers returned from winter break and moved into the school’s new addition, which included more classrooms and added lunchroom space.

Milford students are in.

In their new space, that is. An addition and expansion project to Milford Elementary is nearly complete, with students moving into new classrooms last week when they returned from winter break.

“The new space is absolutely incredible,” Elementary Principal Cory Hartman told the school board at its Jan. 13 meeting.

“It’s changed the feel of the building. There’s less congestion in the hallways,” Hartman said.

One goal of the expansion project was to alleviate space and timing issues in the cafeteria, because there wasn’t enough space for a given number of students at once. Kids were eating in the hallways or outside when the weather was nice.

“The cafeteria space is just a little piece of heaven. I feel like we’ve gained more time in the lunch period without actually extending it,” Hartman said.

The project also included new classrooms and a reinforced storm shelter.

“The new classrooms are amazing. They’re huge! They’re beautiful,” Hartman said.

The additional space allowed three fourth grade classes that have been using only two rooms to get back into three separate rooms. Hartman said this has led to better instruction and better behavior from kids, “even just a few days in.”

Superintendent Kevin Wingard said the kids as well as the teachers are noticing and appreciating the differences.

“It’s amazing how many kids have said thank you,” Wingard said. “(Fourth grade teacher) Sandy Rowland sent a picture of kids just reading on the floor. It’s the first time all year she’s had space to do that. It seems minor, but for those kids, that’s huge.”

Hartman thanked the school board and Wingard for their work in getting the addition completed.

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