Like many organizations these days, the Wilber Garden Club was forced to cancel its annual garden show this summer because of COVID-19.

Since people were unable to buy raffle tickets for the event or bid on flowers, members got creative. After all, not many trash receptacles look as good as these do.

Until at least July 31, people may bid on the decorated trash receptacles being sold by the club.

The garden club partnered with Waste Connections for the project, which came about after a few members saw creative projects similar to this one.

“Waste Connections brought us the receptacles, and we brought them over for the Wilber art students to paint,” garden club member Gwen Anderson-Beck said.

Anderson-Beck said people who submit bids must be a Waste Connections member, as the company will eventually replace the trash bins.

Once school was canceled for the rest of the year, Maureen Halama, Wilber-Clatonia music teacher and Anderson-Beck’s daughter, took over what wasn’t painted.

“There are all kinds of decorations – one has a Czech-style flower and colors, there’s a cat one and a W-C Wolverine one,” Anderson-Beck said.

She said if successful, the club may hold the bidding event again, although the club is looking forward to its 2021 garden show.

The receptacles are on display through July 31 at 206 W. Third St.

If anyone would like to bid on one or more, they can enter on the Wilber Garden Club Facebook page, sign up at First National Bank or contact Lorine Mares at (402) 821-2304.

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