The Wilber City Council met for the first time in 2020 for its Jan. 14 meeting. During the session, the council:

• discussed replacement of a mower for the city maintenance crew. The council agreed to rebid for both gas and electric vehicles.

• discussed the timeline for construction of the city utility building. A few tresses will have to be replaced and it is estimated to be seven weeks away from completion. 

• discussed updating the bridge walkway by Kuncl Funeral Home and across from the courthouse. It was decided bids to have them redone would go out soon.

• heard from Emily Bausch of Olsson Associates, who reviewed the city’s one and six-year plans. Bausch said there are five projects slated in the six-year plan and one in the one-year plan. The street plan was accepted and approved by the council.

• discussed the possible need for a temporary liquor license for Brian Florian, owner of Wil-bol Lanes, for a beer garden that will be set up during Czech Days. 

• Mayor Roger Chrans reminded council members that incumbents need to reapply for re-election by Feb. 18. 

• heard an update from Councilman Tim Lempka about the NRD reservoir project on Shimerda Street. He said with the weather, the dam will continue to be drained of water and everything has been graded. 

• went into executive session to discuss personnel matters. 

The next Wilber City Council meeting will be Feb. 11 at 7:30 p.m. at the Cultural Center.

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