Aubrey Trail took the stand July 9 in Saline County District Court to testify on behalf of the defense. This marks his first appearance since cutting his throat in court June 24. 

Having previously denied any involvement in the death of Sydney Loofe, of which he is being charged with first degree murder, Trail now says he killed her. 

At one point during his four-hour testimony, Trail said, "I killed her. I didn't mean to but I did."

Defense attorney Joe Murray questioned Trail about his relationship with both Bailey Boswell and Loofe, including what occurred on the night of Nov. 15, 2017. 

Trail said he knew Loofe before the meet-up, as far back as March of that year. He first met her while she was working as a cashier at Menards in Lincoln. He hired her to make phone calls on behalf of his illegal business, but Loofe did not enjoy it and left "the group" a short time after.

It wasn't until early November that Trail would hear from her again, after Boswell swiped right on the Tinder dating app to connect with Loofe. 

"I wanted to talk to Sydney and see about the group," Trail said.

On Nov. 15, Trail said Boswell and Loofe met up for a date where they traveled back to Wilber. While there, Trail said Loofe shut her phone off because her mom was texting her.

According to Trail, he brought up the subject of sex after offering to pay Loofe $5,000 for her money troubles, clarifying that she never had sex with him, always Boswell.

"Sexually we discussed asphyxiation, but Sydney said it seemed like a scary thing to do," Trail said. 

Loofe proceeded to have sex with Boswell and after Boswell was choked by Trail for sexual pleasure, he did it to Loofe. 

According to Trail, Loofe started "shaking and gagging and her lips turned blue."

Murray asked Trail if his actions in Loofe's death were intentional, to which Trail responded, "No, I use people for money and sex. That would be counterproductive."

Trail said they needed to do something with the body, saying he first tried fitting her into a trunk that was at the residence. After seeing the trunk would not fit in the back of the car, Trail turned toward dismemberment.

"I dismembered her in the kitchen and contained the blood on the drop cloths with towels," Trail said. 

He testified he did so with a saw, denying the hacksaw he was seen purchasing the day before at Home Depot to be the weapon. Trail then threw the items away near Nebraska City.

"I took the drop cloths and clothes and bleached them in the tub," Trail said. "Bailey wiped down the walls."

After dismembering the body and putting the remains in garbage bags, Trail said they disposed of the body in a ditch in Clay County. After the disposal, he and Boswell traveled back to Wilber for the night. They left on Nov. 17 after Trail got a message from the Lincoln Police about a missing person report.

They picked up C.B., a woman who testified previously, in Omaha and traveled to the Ameristar Casino in Council Bluffs. 

"I had no plan," Trail said. "We went to a motel but left early because it felt like everyone was watching us."

After staying in a hotel room connected to the casino for two or three days, Trail decided to travel back to Clay County to move the body, he said. C.B. was present during this trip.

They then traveled to Boarders Inn in Grand Island for a few days. After C.B. received a voicemail from the Lincoln Police about a welfare check on her, Boswell and Trail dropped her off at the casino and traveled to Iowa. 

"The plan was to go to Mexico or camp out in a national park," Trail said.

They eventually headed to Branson, Missouri, and on Nov. 30, were arrested. 

When questioned over the many interviews conducted with the FBI, Trail told the jury he made everything up. 

"I made up the sexual fantasy because no one would believe we were just having sex," Trail said.

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