Aubrey Trail

Aubrey Trail (left) listens to the prosecution early on in the court case.

The mother of Sydney Loofe, Susan, testified in Saline County Court today, June 20, on behalf of the prosecution in the murder trial for Aubrey Trail. The prosecution called 10 witnesses to provide testimony, beginning with Susan Loofe. 

Loofe recounted the week before her daughter went missing for prosecutors and the last time she spoke with her. She was asked about her daughter's employment and living situation in an apartment in northeast Lincoln during the week of Nov. 13, which is the last day she saw Sydney. 

Loofe said she talked with Sydney that following week and stopped hearing from her after Nov. 15, with Sydney's last text being "Love you." Loofe became aware of her daughter's disappearance on Nov. 16 and alerted the Lincoln Police Department. She said she knew something was wrong when she discovered Sydney's cat left unattended when traveling to Lincoln the following day. 

"She would never do that," Loofe said. 

Loofe said she and her husband, George, traveled to Wilber in the days after, as she had seen a photo from Sydney's friend that led her to believe she may have been in that location.

Prosecutors then called Leah Shaw, who worked with Sydney at Menards at the time of her disappearance. Shaw was asked about the layout of the store, located on North 27th Street in Lincoln, and was shown security camera images showing Loofe during her shift on Nov. 14. 

Shaw said when Loofe didn't show up for work on Nov. 16, she grew concerned. "It was very out of character," Shaw said.

She called Loofe's phone and, after she didn't pick up, had two employees visit Loofe's apartment to see if she was there. Shaw did the same on Nov. 17 after Loofe did not show up for her scheduled shift.

During court, two of Loofe's friends were also called to testify. Brittney Flinn was friends with Loofe from second grade up until her disappearance. She said Loofe had told her about a date she was going on on Nov. 14. 

"She said she met up with someone and they drove around," Flinn said. 

Loofe then sent a picture of the woman she was on a date with via the social media site Snapchat. Flinn confirmed the photo, which was shown in court, to be Bailey Boswell, although she was referred to as "Audrey" in the image. 

After learning of Loofe's disappearance on Nov. 16, Flinn sent the picture of Boswell to Loofe's sister to give her a possible connection. 

Brooklyn McCrystal, a friend of Loofe's and co-worker at Menards, testified in court that she tried to contact Loofe after hearing she went missing. McCrystal, who knew of Loofe's Nov. 14 date with Audrey, then set up a fake Tinder account to try to find Audrey and communicate with her. 

McCrystal eventually did and after receiving information from Audrey, shared it with Loofe's family and the Lincoln Police. 

Four members of the Lincoln Police Department were called to the stand, as well. One investigator, Cameron Cleland, shared details of his involvement with the case.

He was tasked with looking into the dating site and trying to find a phone number to contact on Nov. 17. After successfully matching a phone number linking back to who was believed to be Audrey, he called it and left a message, identifying himself and the reason he was calling. 

Cleland said Audrey called back that afternoon and told him that she and Sydney were "just driving around and that she dropped her off at a friend's house." He said Audrey would not give him any personal details on her identity. 

Cleland then said on Nov. 19, Aubrey Trail called him.

"He said his fiance was Bailey Boswell and the police were trying to get ahold of her," Cleland said.

He said Trail then left five messages with the Lincoln Police Department regarding his fiance and her involvement with Loofe. 

Testimony will resume tomorrow, June 21, in Saline County Court.

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