Members of the Wilber-Clatonia Public School board will issue an apology letter to the student body following its Dec. 16 meeting. 

During the meeting, board member Gary Wooten read aloud a letter sent to him by students following the school’s bi-annual Multicultural Day event Oct. 23. 

In it, students said they felt “extremely uncomfortable and intimidated by some of his comments” and that Wooten was not focusing on other cultures as much as he was Americanism.

During the meeting, Wooten read his written reply in front of the board and those in attendance, saying he welcomes the study of multiple cultures in schools and that he offered to meet with the concerned students. 

“Without further specifics, I cannot comment on or answer to statements in your letter,” Wooten said. 

Board members asked for clarification on what happened and what Wooten’s views as a school board member were. 

Board member Scott Havel said the event was not open to the public, and therefore Wooten should have been present as a school board member, leaving personal opinions aside.

“We’re trying to educate the kids,” Havel said in the meeting. 

The board moved to send a letter to the W-C student body as a result of the incident. 

The subject of which private events school board members can attend will be further discussed at its Jan. 20 meeting. 

Also during the meeting, the board conducted an annual public evaluation of Superintendent Ray Collins, which was approved. The board also approved a two-year rollover contract for Collins. 

The next Wilber-Clatonia Public School Board meeting will be Jan. 20 at 7 p.m.

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