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Saline County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Max is pictured with a trauma kit he received earlier this year. 

Thanks to a grant given by the Protecting K-9 Heroes organization, Saline County K-9 Max is one of six dogs in Nebraska to have life-saving equipment. 

His handler, Deputy Tyson Osborn of the Saline County Sheriff’s Department, applied for a trauma kit through the organization and received it earlier this year.

“The main reason why I wanted it was the Narcan spray in case he comes in contact with it (opioids),” Osborn said. “This one is for Max.”

Narcan is a brand of naloxone nasal spray that can be used in emergency situations to treat a narcotic overdose.

Other items in the kit include a quick-clot cloth, antibiotics, syringes and snakebite medication, all easily transportable in a bag Osborn takes with him everywhere.

Osborn has had Max since June and the two have been out on calls together for the past two months. 

“Before I didn’t have any of this and if we were in a certain situation, I would feel useless,” Osborn said. “Now I feel more comfortable with these tools and being able to use them if I need to.”

Osborn said anything used in the kit will be refilled upon request through Protecting K-9 Heroes and he keeps the kit with him at all times. 

“It’s definitely a reassurance to know that I have it,” Osborn said.

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