Linda Kastanek paints the trim of a doorframe June 5.



It might not take a village, but it does take a dozen people to remodel a home.

An estimated 12-15 volunteers from Wilber’s United Methodist Church have been putting in time remodeling a parsonage for its new pastor since June 1.

Jim Bendorf has been named the new pastor of the church and is set to arrive with wife, Penny, the last week of June.

The Rev. Lila Bottolfsen is retiring after 15 years in the position.

“We’ve been freshening up the house for them,” UMC volunteer Linda Kastanek said. “We just wanted to help out.”

Since work began last week, carpet in the bedrooms and kitchen was removed and almost every wall of the house has received a fresh coat of paint.

Kastanek said new flooring will replace the carpet in the majority of the house and updated light coverings will also be installed in the near future.

On UMC’s prayer chain last month, a note about volunteering to make up the home, located at 501 Fifth St., was sent out. People signed up and have been coming in to help whenever and however they could.

Volunteers said the house has been used as a parsonage since the late 1960s to early 1970s. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room and backyard.

“This has been great because we haven’t be able to see each other until this project,” Kastanek said. “But here we’re able to talk and laugh with one another.”

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