James Powers

Hope Moural/WR

Cpl. James Powers of DeWitt was awarded with a quilt of valor at DeWitt Days July 6. 

James Powers of DeWitt was honored with a Quilt of Valor July 6 during DeWItt Days. 

Powers, who served in the Army from 1951 to 1953, also rode in the celebratory parade honoring 100 years of the American Legion. 

“It wasn’t expected,” Powers said of receiving the quilt. 

The quilt, made by Kate Osterhaus of Firth, has patriotic patterns and designs stitched into it. 

Powers said he hopes to pass the quilt down to family members some day, as his son and a few grandsons serve in the military. A member of the Powers family has served in the United States since the Civil War, Powers, wife, Gerry, said. 

“He deserved the recognition and it’s well-deserved,” Gerry said. 

After completing six months of basic training in Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, Powers served in Wurzberg, Germany, at the Army Transportation Headquarters. 

He was responsible for allotting enough space for American troops and their families going back to the Untied States. 

“You had to know who was married, who wasn’t married, who was pregnant, who wasn’t,” Powers said. 

After being discharged in March 1953, Powers worked at the Burlington Railroad in DeWitt for 33 years and also worked in Beatrice. 

Over 221,000 Quilts of Valor have been awarded to United States military personnel and are meant to be comforting and healing for those who served. 


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