Closing statements were given in Saline County District Court Wednesday, July 10, regarding the murder trial of Aubrey Trail. The jury then went into deliberation a little before 4 p.m. 

The prosecution went first with Mike Guinan speaking before the jury. He began by laying out the timeline of events proving Trail committed to kill Sydney Loofe in a premeditated manner.

He presented the first text messages Bailey Boswell sent Loofe, under the fake name "Audrey" when they were trying to set up a date via Tinder. 

In one interaction during the weekend of Nov. 11, 2017, Loofe wrote "I'm at DQ with my family and getting ready to say goodbye." 

"She didn't know (the goodbye) would be forever, but it was," Guinan said.

Prosecution then recounted the events of Nov. 13-16, the period of time when Loofe went missing. On Nov. 15, Trail and Boswell were seen buying a hacksaw, tin snips and a utility knife at a Home Depot, shortly before Boswell's second date with Loofe.

"Aubrey Trail will tell you those tools are good for working on metal signs, but they're even better for cutting up a body," Guinan said.

Boswell was also seen buying bleach and drop cloths that evening, of which Guinan asked the jury, "This is how they are preparing for a date?"

He moved on to the evening of Nov. 15, when Loofe was supposedly killed by Trail and Boswell, asking the jury to recall the evidence found at the scene and presented in court. Items included a green shirt worn by Trail in security footage Nov. 15 and the shirt Loofe was wearing for her date with Boswell.

"Sydney Loofe fought that night. She fought to get away," Guinan said. "Premeditation played out to the extreme."

Trail's defense attorney Joe Murray then made his presentation to the jury. He addressed testimony given by Trail July 9, when he changed his story on his first day back in court after cutting his throat. 

"You've known from the start this case is a big deal," Murray said. Have you been shocked? Have you been surprised? Yes." 

Murray focused his closing argument on the lack of DNA evidence and Trail's lack of a plan when it came to murdering Loofe.

"They had no plan and some of the things Trail told you were consistent throughout his interviews," Murray said.

Some of those being no one was forced to do anything, sex was a huge involvement of Boswell and Trail's lifestyle and that Boswell had nothing to do with Loofe's death. 

Murray asked the jury to think back on the way Loofe was killed. Dr. Michelle Elieff had previously testified Loofe died by homicidal means, including strangulation. 

"They acknowledged the cause of death was strangulation, but we can't tell if it was intentional or accidental," Murray said. "No plan equals lack of premeditation." 

After being read instructions by Judge Vicky Johnson, the jury began its deliberation around 4 p.m. 

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