SEWARD CITY COUNCIL MINUTES Following is a condensed form of minutes. A complete copy is on file at City Hall, 537 Main St. or may be viewed at The Seward City Council …


SEWARD CITY COUNCIL MINUTES Following is a condensed form of minutes. A complete copy is on file at City Hall, 537 Main St. or may be viewed at The Seward City Council met in regular session in the Seward Civic Center, 616 Bradford St, Seward, on October 20, 2020, at 7:00 p.m., with Mayor Joshua Eickmeier presiding. Councilmembers present: Jonathon Wilken, Ellen Beck, Sid Kamprath, Jessica Kolterman, Karl Miller, John Singleton, Chris Schmit. Absent: Alyssa Hendrix (entered meeting late). Following items were approved: Minutes October 6, 2020; Claims; City Treas Reprt; City Codes Dir Report; Police Dept Reprt; Infrast Cost Reimb to City; Res 2020-39-TIF Plan Amndt – Levander Auto Body, 1778 Pine St; Res 2020-40-TIF Plan Agrmt – Levander Auto Body, 1778 Pine St; Ord 2020-25 amend zoning map, rezone prop south of Bluff Rd & east of Concordia Un from AG to R-2; Ord 2020-26-Final plat of Seward Rail Campus PUD 1st Addn; Award bid for Wastewater Outfall Project to Van Kirk Bros Cont for $283,700.86; First amend to Project Superior (Petsource/SFD Opco, LLC) site readiness MOU; Res 2020-41-policy stmt expedited process for SDL apps; Ord 2020-19 3.0% rate increase to elect system revenues; Ord 2020-20 3.0% rate increase to sewer system revenues; City Admin report; Adjourn. Abbreviations: Bu, Building Upkeep; Eq, Equipment; Ex, Expense; Ma, Maintenance; Mi, Mileage; Misc, Miscellaneous; Re, Repairs; Sa, Salaries, Se, Services; Su, Supplies; Ut, Utilities, CI, Capital Improvements; GU, Grounds Upkeep, Un, Uniforms. AKRS Equipment, Re, Su, 535.03; Altec Industries Inc, Re, 144.08; Applied Concepts Inc, Su, 132.00; Baker & Taylor, Su, 834.41; Baldinger Charlotte, Mi, 19.55; Bishop Michael, Ex, 90.00; Bizco Technologies, Se, 4,878.78; Blackburn Manufacturing Co, Re, 531.57; Black Hills Energy, Ut, 458.76; Blades Group, Ma, 992.00; Bode, Adam, Ex, 90.00; Border States Industries, Re, Inv, 29,693.49; Brandl John, Ex, 90.00; Brunckhorst Kent, Ex, 90.00; Campbell Cleaning, Se, 975.00; Chelewski Kent, Ex, 90.00; Cihal Alan F, Ex, 90.00; City Seward Library Petty, Su, 116.20; City Seward Merchant Serv, Ex, 2,516.02; City Seward Payroll Accou, Payroll, 147,358.25; City Seward Perpetual Fd, Perpetual Care, 900.00; Conner Steve, Ma, Ci, 5,815.00; Constellation Newenergy, Ut, 36.54; Core & Main LP, Re, 1,427.65; Core Robert, Ex, 90.00; Dodds Chad, Ex, 90.00; Dutton-Lainson Co, Re, 101.32; Dworak Tim, Ex, 90.00; E M C Insurance Companies, Ins, 500.00; Eakes Office Solutions, Su, 112.94; Ehlers Electronics, Bu, 34.00; Elliott Equipment Co, Ma, 89.17; Farmers Coop Seward, Su, Re, 3,313.80; Fast Mart, Su, 14.79; Fastenal Company, Su, 951.90; Fisher Zachary G, Ex, 90.00; Galls Llc, Un, 457.30; General Fire & Safety Eq, Bu, 120.00; Gerhold Concrete Co Inc, Ma, 92.00; Gleason Logan, Ex, 90.00; Gworks, Se, 8,112.00; Hamilton Equipment Company, Re, Eq, 33,359.85; Hans Jared, Ex, 90.00; Hansen Dan, Ex, 90.00; Hawkins Inc, Su, 366.98; Herald Cody, Ex, 90.00; Herpolsheimer's Inc, Re, 387.24; Hobson Automotive & Tire, Re, 117.00; Hochstein Jared, Ex, 90.00; Hoffschneider Law Pc LLO, Se, Su, 5,986.90; Home Depot Pro, Su, 79.44; Hornung's Golf Products I, Su, 53.14; Husker Electric Supply Co, Re, Inv, 1,504.58; Hydraulic Equipment Serv, Re, 360.21; J E O Consulting Group In, Se, 123.75; Jackson Services Inc, Su, 175.40; Janicek Gary M, Ex, 90.00; Jones Bank, Eq, 17,395.78; Jp Morgan Chase, Eq, 140,280.00; Kahler Daniel S, Ex, 90.00; Kocian Tyler, Ex, 90.00; Konica Minolta Business S, Su, 21.10; Last Mile Network Consult, Se, 90.00; Lee's Refrigeration, Bu, Ci, Re, 15,779.50; Liermann's Service, Eq, 5,996.00; Lincoln Winwater Works, Re, 2,486.46; Logan Contractors Supply, Re, Ma, 3,414.20; M C 2 Inc, Re, 734.21; Memorial Health Care Syst, Eq, 188.09; Menards North, Bu, Gu, 288.57; Metering & Technology Sol, Inv, 182.91; Mid-American Benefits Inc, Ins, 987.21; Midwest Auto Parts, Re, 221.61; Midwest Laboratories Inc, Se, 799.17; Midwest Service & Sales, Ci, 1,800.00; Midwest Turf & Irrigation, Re, 356.34; Miers Robert M, Ex, 90.00; Miller Seed Co, Gu, 129.65; Motorola Solutions Inc, Eq, 3,821.65; Mustang Graphics, Sign, 32.00; N M C Exchange Inc, Re, 168.00; Nebraska Equipment Inc, Eq, 25.18; Nebraska Municipal Power, Se, 12,870.00; Nebraska Safety Council, Trng, Dues, 812.00; Niemann's Port-A-Pot LLC, Ma, Ex, 415.00; Norris Public Power Distr, Ut, 3,707.93; Oborny Tanner, Ex, 90.00; Odeys Inc, Re, 106.30; O'Keefe Elevator Co Inc, Ma, 188.00; O'Kief John F, Un, Ex, 285.12; Olsson, Se, 3,869.42; One Call Concepts Inc, Se, 107.98; One Source Background Check, Se, 39.50; Oneby Michael, Ex, 90.00; O'Reilly Automotive Inc, Re, 47.84; Orscheln Farm & Home, Bu, Su, Gu, 498.14; Pac 'N' Save Discount Foo, Bu, Su, Se, Ma, Re, 723.69; Paper Tiger Shredding, Se, 30.00; Pecka Brook, Ex, 90.00; Pedersen Brent, Ex, 90.00; Policky Brandon A, Ex, 90.00; Pollak Cody, Ex, 90.00; Pollak Douglas W, Ex, 90.00; Precision Tool & Machine, Su, 28.00; Public Agency Training Co, Trng, 150.00; Quality Brands Of Lincoln, Su, 563.30; Rathjen Shad, Ex, 90.00; Regulatory Compliance Ser, Se, 395.00; Richtig Tim L, Ex, 90.00; Ruether Larry L, Ex, 90.00; Sam's Club (Lib-Rec-Pool), Bu, 99.16; Seward County 911, Se, 55.00; Seward County Chamber & D, Annual Support, 69,525.00; Seward County Clerk/Reg D, Su, 1.00; Seward County Independent, Se, Su, 384.83; Seward County Treasurer, Se, 19,217.13; Seward Lumber & Home Cent, Gu, Re, Su, Bu, 933.81; Seward Public Schools, Fines, 70.00; Seward Wind Llc, Ut, 38,815.98; Skarshaug Testing Laboraty, Se, 1,001.63; Small Engine Specialists, Re, 69.32; Smith Michael, Ex, 90.00; Spickelmier & Son Inc, Se, 4,676.00; St Louis Michelle, Ex, 90.00; Suhr & Lichty Insurance A, Ins, 398,494.00; Total Fire & Security Inc, Se, 245.00; Uribe Refuse Services Inc, Se, 10,002.67; Verizon Wireless, Se, 268.98; Wall Street Journal, Su, 971.78; Watson Wendell B, Ex, 90.00; Wesco Distribution Inc, Su, 2,760.60; Windstream Nebraska Inc, Se, 1,855.68; York County Emergency M, Su, 3.20; Zee Medical Service Inc, Su, 26.95 CLAIMS TOTAL: $1,026,170.61 Bonnie Otte Asst. Admin/Clerk-Treasurer/ Budget & HR Director SCI — November 11, 2020


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