MAY 10, 2022 COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS Boards of Commissioner Meetings are held each Tuesday morning in the Seward County Courthouse at 9:00 a.m., except for the first Tuesday of each …


MAY 10, 2022 COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS Boards of Commissioner Meetings are held each Tuesday morning in the Seward County Courthouse at 9:00 a.m., except for the first Tuesday of each month when meetings will be held at 8:30 a.m. Notice of each meeting is posted on the Courthouse bulletin board and on the Commissioner’s room door. The agenda for all meetings is kept continually current and is available for public inspection at the County Clerk’s Office during normal business hours. The agenda is held open until one business day prior to the meeting for appearance before the Board. The Board has the right to modify the agenda to include items of an emergency nature only at such public meeting. CLAIMS ALLOWED JUNE 7, 2022 The Seward County Board of Equalization convened on May 10, 2022, at 8:30 a.m. Present: Chairperson: John Culver Members: Misty Ahmic, Bob Vrbka, Ken Schmieding, Darrell Zabrocki County Clerk: Sherry Schweitzer County Treasurer: Bob Dahms Deputy County Assessor: Tanya Woolsey Approved minutes of April 26, 2022. Approved Vehicle Tax Exemption. Held hearing and approved removal of permissive exemption for real estate owned by Omni Health. Approved Assessor to send Change of Value notice. Convened as the Board of Commissioners. Approved Seward County claims through April 29, 2022. Approved the agenda for May 17, 2022, and adjourned at 9:02 a.m. Sherry Schweitzer County Clerk SEWARD COUNTY CLAIMS THROUGH APRIL 29, 2022 ACCURATE CONTROLS, FE, $1,856.36; ADV CORR HLTHCR, SE, $132.30; ADV OFFICE AUTOM, SE, $509.28; AMAZON CAPITAL SERV, SE, $420.08; AMERITAS LIFE INS, FE, $17,919.55; ARAMARK UNIFORM, SE, $57.24; AXON ENTERPRISES, SE, $375.00; BRYAN HEART, SE, $104.50; CAMPBELL CLEANING, SE, $4,380.00; CITY OF SEWARD, UT, $9,399.11; CLERK OF DIST COURT, SE, $446.00; CLERK DIST CRT STANTON, SE, $4.75; CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY, FE, $20.00; CONNER PSYCH SERV, SE, $385.00; JACK DANIEL, SE, $18.72; DODGE CO SHERIFF, SE, $21.08; DOUGLAS CO COURT, SE, $3.75; DOUGLAS CO SHERIFF, SE, $8.62; E 911, FE, $30,448.67; EAKES OFFICE PLUS, SU, $3,960.39; ELECTION SYSTEMS, SU, $8,664.74; FALLER LANDSCAPE, SE, $679.96; FARMERS COOP, SU, $924.35; GARCIA CLINICAL LAB, SE, $36.00; GOVERNMENT FORMS, SU, $151.11; HALL COUNTY SHERIFF, SE, $6.50; HELMINK PRINTING, SU, $31.00; HOBSON AUTO AND TIRE, SE, $80.00; HOLIDAY INN EXP MCCOOK, TR, $96.00; HOMETOWN LEASING, FE, $402.76; IN FOCUS INVESTIGATIONS, SE, $150.00; INPATIENT PHYSICIAN, SE, $328.13; JOHN JONES AUTO GRP, EQ, $52,022.00; JONES BANK (FICA), FE, $18,156.55; KONICA MINOLTA PREM FIN, FE, $131.48; LEE'S REFRIGERATION, SE, $599.04; STEPHANIE LUEBBE, SE, $9.95; MAXIMUS INC, FE, $2,600.00; MAYFLOWER PROCESS, SE, $162.50; SUE MEDINGER, SE, $8.19; MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, SE, $7,683.28; MIDWEST OFFICE AUTOM, SU, $39.99; MIDWEST SPECIAL SERV, SE, $374.50; NE ASSN OF CO OFFICIALS, FE, $35.00; NE COUNTY ATTYS ASSN, FE, $2,113.00; DALE NIEMANN, SE, $11.70; ONESOURCE, SU, $88.00; PAC N SAVE, SU, $36.97; PAPER TIGER SHREDDING, SE, $244.00; SCOTT PEKAREK, SE, $6.44; PEREZ INTERPRETING, SE, $400.00; PETTY CASH FUND, FE, $337.50; PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, SU, $105.60; QUADIENT LEASING USA, SU, $81.98; ZOE RICHERT, SE, $14.04; SAUNDERS CO COURT, SE, $4.25; SAUNDERS CO SHERIFF, SE, $6.50; SEC OF STATE - ELECTIONS, SU, $20.00; SEWARD CO COURT, SE, $650.00; SEWARD CO INDEPENDENT, SE, $1,753.10; SEW CO SHERIFF UNCOLL FEES, FE, $493.00; SEWARD CO SINKING FUND, FE, $1,500.00; SEWARD LUMBER, SU, $144.53; SMPC, LLC, SE, $7,829.42; SOARIN GROUP, LLC, SE, $6,794.75; ST OF NE DAS COMM, SE, $1,152.00; SUMMIT FOOD SERV, SE, $5,212.09; THE CHANGE COMPANIES, SE, $80.00; THOMSON REUTERS, FE, $714.55; UNIVERSITY OF NEBR, SE, $10,846.23; UPS, SE, $48.86; VERIZON WIRELESS SERV, SE, $2,670.50; VISA, FE, $149.90; WELLS FARGO FINANL LEAS, FE, $198.15; WINDSTREAM, UT, $1,014.90; ALL ROAD BARRICADES, SU, $197.46; KENNETH PANKOKE, SE, $281.60; BLACK HILLS ENERGY, UT, $818.75; CENTRAL STATES HYDRAULIC, EQ, $5,137.31; HEARTLAND TIRES, SE, $4,648.70; INDOFF INC, SU, $54.98; MEDICAL ENTERPRISES, SU, $105.00; MIDWEST PETROLEUM, SU, $47.53; NE PUBLIC POWER DIST, UT, $100.50; NEXTLINK AIS, UT, $74.99; PENNER'S TIRE & AUTO, SE, $1,740.50; POWERPLAN, SE, $388.71; ROSE EQUIPMENT INC, EQ, $1,640.58; SAPP BROS PETROLEUM, SU, $31,137.50; VILLAGE OF UTICA, UT, $56.00; ELECTRONIC CONTRACTING CO, EQ, $8,524.92; SEWARD CO CHAMBER & DEV, FE, $92.94; SEWARD 4TH OF JULY COMM, FE, $2,500.00; SEWARD CO HLTH CLM FND, FE, $97,001.16; INTOXIMETERS, EQ, $810.00; 911 CUSTOM, SE, $2,344.00; AWARDS UNLIMITED, SU, $92.40; CULLIGAN, SE, $43.25; DELL MARKETING L P, SU, $1,098.35; GREAT PLAINS COMM, UT, $605.00; JONES BANK, FE, $100.00; MOTOROLA, SE, $14,063.60; NORRIS PUBLIC POWER DIST, UT, $85.75; PICKERILL ENTERPRISES, FE, $32,396.00; SEWARD CO SHERIFF'S DEPT, SE, $300.00; SEWARD CO TREASURER, FE, $14.00; TRANSUNION RISK & ALT, FE, $404.00; US BANK EQUIP FINANCE, FE, $167.99; JEO CONSULTING GROUP, SE, $295.00; MARY D EILERS ESTATE, FE, $2,915.50; FIRST WIRELESS, INC, UT, $6,156.00; KEARNEY INVESTMENT CORP, FE, $288.00; WINDSTREAM COMM, UT, $715.00 SALARIES: $262,718.40 GROSS SALARIES INCLUDED DEDUCTIONS TO: COLONIAL SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE; MID AMERICAN CO WISCONSIN; DELTA DENTAL; VSP VISION; WADDELL & REED SCI/MT — May 18, 2022 ZNEZ


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