COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS Boards of Commissioner Meetings are held each Tuesday morning in the Seward County Courthouse at 9:00 a.m., except for the first Tuesday of each month when …


COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS Boards of Commissioner Meetings are held each Tuesday morning in the Seward County Courthouse at 9:00 a.m., except for the first Tuesday of each month when meetings will be held at 8:30 a.m. Notice of each meeting is posted on the Courthouse bulletin board and on the Commissioner’s room door. The agenda for all meetings is kept continually current and is available for public inspection at the County Clerk’s Office during normal business hours. The agenda is held open until one business day prior to the meeting for appearance before the Board. The Board has the right to modify the agenda to include items of an emergency nature only at such public meeting. CLAIMS ALLOWED NOVEMBER 10, 2020 The Seward County Board of Equalization convened on October 13, 2020, at 8:30 a.m. Present: Chairperson: John Culver Members: Bob Vrbka, Ken Schmieding, Becky Paulsen County Clerk: Sherry Schweitzer County Assessor: Marilyn Hladky Deputy County Treasurer: Sherry Leising (Commissioner Mundhenke passed away on October 9, 2020) Approved the minutes of September 22, 2020. Approved vehicle exemptions for Concordia University. Approved Tax List Corrections. Approved authorization of County Assessor to send out County Board Change of Value Notices. Set levies for Seward County entities. Hladky gave an update of her office. Convened as the Board of Commissioners. Approved minutes of October 6, 2020. Approved software agreement and authorized Public Transit Director to submit and return associated costs to Inheritance Fund. Terry Wicht, Highway Supt., and Dan Forbes and Brian Hoffbein were present to discuss road improvements for the KXL Pump Station. The item will be on next week’s agenda. Approved Seward County claims through October 2, 2020. Sherry Schweitzer, County Clerk, gave an update of her office activities. Held Open Hearing for and approved Conditional Use Permit for temporary asphalt plant in J Precinct as presented by Becky Paulsen, Weed/Zoning Administrator. Commissioners gave an update of their activities. Approved the Operations Manager-Task Force and Operations Manager- Seward Sheriff Office job descriptions as presented by Sheriff Vance and HR Director, Brea Ehmen. The Personnel Manual Policies Review agenda item was discussed. No action was taken. Executive Session was held for personnel. No action was taken. Adopted the agenda for October 20, 2020, and adjourned at 10:11 a.m. Sherry Schweitzer, County Clerk SEWARD COUNTY CLAIMS THROUGH OCTOBER 2, 2020 ADP LLC, FE, $2,825.68; ADVANCED CORR HLTHCR, FE, $4,690.45; AFFORDABLE INTRNT SOL, SE, $74.99; AKRS EQUIPMENT, SE, $72.79; AMAZON CAPITAL SERV, SE, $140.83; AMERITAS, FE, $16,820.98; CHARLES W CAMPBELL, SE, $84.00; BAUER BUILT INC, EQ, $2,077.43; KEN PANKOKE, SE, $323.81; BINSWANGER ENT, SU, $876.00; BIZCO INC, SU, $8,780.26; BLACK HILLS ENERGY, UT, $70.83; BLUE VALLEY COMM, FE, $12,641.00; ETHAN BUCHLI, SE, $15.00; BUTLER CO SHERIFF, SE, $18.00; CAMPBELL CLEANING, SE, $2,255.00; CENTENNIAL TEAMMATES, FE, $255.00; CITY OF SEWARD, UT, $13,077.21; CONSOLIDATED MGT CO, SE, $152.02; CRUSADERS CARGO CARR, EQ, $706.25; COMMUNITY TRANSPORT, SE, $250.00; CUSTER COUNTY COURT, SE, $1.50; DELTA DENTAL OF NE, SE, $117.10; ANN DOBESH, SE, $58.08; DUGAN PRINTING, SU, $1,254.50; E 911, SE, $36,687.33; EAKES OFFICE PLUS, SU, $472.03; ENCARTELE INC, SU, $1,392.81; EXPRESS LAWN CARE, SE, $550.00; FARMERS COOP, SU, $9,763.32; FASTENAL CO, SU, $586.55; FIRST WIRELESS, UT, $556.76; FRONTIER COOP, SU, $22,174.73; GALLS LLC, SE, $443.63; GEOCOMM INC, SE, $1,011.00; GRAHAM TIRE, SE, $1,108.00; GREAT PLAINS COMM, UT, $450.00; GREAT PLAINS UNIFORMS, SE, $845.83; HAMILTON EQUIP, SU, $7.40; HERPOLSHEIMERS, SE, $223.63; HOMETOWN LEASING, FE, $390.17; HOPE CRISIS CENTER, FE, $9,000.00; HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT, SE, $7.12; IDEMIA IDENTITY, SE, $960.34; INDOFF INC, SU, $264.77; INT ASSOC OF ASSESSING, FE, $220.00; JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL, FE, $114.41; JONES BANK (FICA), FE, $16,578.72; KERFORD LIMESTONE CO, SU, $11,413.29; KINER SUPPLY COMPANY, SU, $108.76; KONICA MINOLTA BUS SOL, SU, $244.66; KONICA MINOLTA PREM FIN, SU, $131.48; LANCASTER CO SHERIFF, SE, $94.31; MAXIMUS INC, SU, $2,600.00; MEYER AUTOMOTIVE, SE, $325.29; MID AMERICAN BENEFITS, FE, $123.25; MID-AMERICAN INS GRP, FE, $36,867.79; MIDWEST AUTO PARTS, SE, $254.67; MIDWEST AUTOMOTIVE, SE, $853.25; MILLS & REITER, SE, $266.00; MILLS CO CLERK OF COURT, SE, $51.20; MIPS INC, SE, $1,351.61; MORSE WATCHMANS, SU, $10,013.00; MUELLER, KALEIGH, SE, $350.00; NE ASSN OF CO OFFICIALS, FE, $375.00; NE EQUIPMENT INC, SU, $19.82; NE PUBLIC POWER DIST, UT, $55.50; NE SHERIFFS ASSOC, FE, $200.00; NEBRASKA INTERACTIVE, FE, $8.00; NMC, INC, SE, $3,985.56; NORRIS PUB POWER DIST, UT, $347.72; OFFICE DEPOT, SU, $148.28; OFFICENET, SU, $189.50; ONESOURCE, SE, $766.90; OREILLY AUTOM, SU, $761.66; ORKIN LLC, SE, $111.78; OWENS EDUCATIONAL SERV, SE, $371.83; PAC N SAVE, SU, $206.92; PACESETTER K9 LLC, FE, $6,000.00; PER MAR SECURITY SERV, SE, $184.15; PEREZ INTERPRETING, SE, $300.00; PETTY CASH FUND, FE, $20.00; POLLACK AND BALL, SE, $4,982.75; POTTER REPAIR, SE, $326.33; POWERPLAN, SE, $552.82; MOMS MEALS, SE, $126.94; QUADIENT LEASING USA, FE, $81.98; RAY ALLEN MFG, SU, $280.89; REDIGER AUTOMOTIVE, SE, $51.59; REDWOOD TOX LAB, SE, $575.00; REGION V SERVICES, SE, $2,484.58; REGION V SYSTEMS, FE, $10,038.50; SACK LUMBER, SU, $30.00; SECR OF ST - ELECTIONS, SU, $10.00; SEWARD CO CHAMBER, FE, $55,000.00; SEWARD CO COURT, FE, $697.25; SEW CO HLTH CLM FND, FE, $323,882.11; SEW CO INDEPENDENT, SE, $1,047.80; SEW CO PERSONNEL IMPREST, FE, $12.23; SEWARD CO PUB TRANS, SE, $54.00; SEW CO SHERIFF'S DEPT, SE, $4.98; SEW CO SHERIFF UNCOLL FEES, FE, $262.00; SEWARD CO TREASURER, FE, $58.00; SEWARD COUNTY 911, SE, $55.00; SEWARD LUMBER, SU, $56.77; SHAFFER COMM, SE, $1,023.00; SID DILLON, EQ, $38,020.00; SILVER STATE CONSULTING GRP, SE, $600.00; SIOUXLAND TRAILER SALES, SE, $117.12; SPEECE LEWIS ENGINEERS, SE, $6,600.00; ST OF NE DAS COMM, SE, $1,152.00; ST OF NE DEPT OF CORR.SERV, SE, $4,008.43; STOP STICK LTD, SE, $422.00; SUMMIT FOOD SERVICE, SE, $6,490.72; SUPERIOR CONTROLS & SEC, EQ, $1,576.27; BURDEN SALES COMPANY, SU, $133.05; TELMATE LLC, SE, $104.00; THOMSON REUTERS, SE, $325.50; TOP QUALITY GLOVES, SU, $466.00; TRANSUNION RISK & ALT, FE, $324.00; DANNY TROYER, SE, $300.00; UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA, SE, $129.00; UNIV OF NEBRASKA LINCOLN, SE, $2,723.46; VANGUARD APPRAISALS, FE, $15,800.00; VERIZON CONNECT NWF, UT, $744.74; VERIZON WIRELESS SERV, UT, $3,557.90; VIGILANT SOLUTIONS, EQ, $35,781.70; VILLAGE OF GARLAND, FE, $49.26; VILLAGE OF UTICA, FE, $53.24; VISA, FE, $55.29; VOSS LIGHTING, SE, $126.20; WELLS FARGO FIN LEAS, FE, $396.30; WESTERN OIL II LLC, SU, $485.63; WINDSTREAM, UT, $9,596.93; YORK COUNTY EMA, SE, $11.20 SALARIES: $246,415.92 GROSS SALARIES INCLUDE DEDUCTIONS TO: COLONIAL SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE; MID AMERICA CO WISCONSIN; DELTA DENTAL; VSP VISION; WADDELL & REED SCI — October 21, 2020


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