Baby Phillips leaps into the world


Sarah and Jarod Phillips of Seward welcomed their first child, Carter James Phillips, on leap day this year.

Carter, seven pounds, one ounce and 19.5 inches long at birth, will not celebrate his first real birthday until age four in 2028.

Seward native Jarod met Sarah of Leigh while attending Wayne State College. They married in August of 2022 and said they have always wanted kids.

“It’s something that’s new and fun for us,” Sarah said. “It’s a new chapter that we wanted to open.”

The chance of being born on a leap day is one in 1,461, which is less than .0007%. The Phillipses said they like the uniqueness of the date.

“The doctor actually calculated (our due date) like three times just to make sure that our date was for sure leap day,” Sarah said.

Carter got a special name tag with the words “Leap Day” and a picture of a frog in his hospital bassinet after he was born at Bryan Health in Lincoln. The couple said they cannot wait to see his personality come alive as he grows.

“I’m just looking forward to raising our son and seeing him grow up,” Jarod said.

Jarod said the first few days of having a newborn have been tiring but exciting.

“It’s been really good,” Sarah said. “We’ve had a lot of family help, and we’re very thankful and blessed for that.”