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The Seward County Independent, the Milford Times, the Friend Sentinel, the Wilber Republican and the Crete News will print an obituary notice with a black-and-white photo for a fee of $50.


  • Standard obituary content with service information will be included. For specific examples, call (402) 643-3676.
  • Offensive language is not allowed.
  • Obituaries will only be printed in the newspaper or newspapers as directed by the funeral home or private party submitting them.
  • Thank yous may be published as a paid ad. They will not be included as part of the obituary. Call (402) 643-3676 to purchase an ad. Ad deadline is Friday at noon.


  • Obituaries will be published in one or all of our newspapers for $50. Please indicate which newspapers the notice needs to be published in. Obituaries that exceed 650 words will be subject to review and may not be printed in our publications without further editing.
  • Death notices are provided at no cost and include: name and hometown of deceased, date of birth, date of death, service and memorial information. A free notice with service information may run one week with the full obituary published the following week upon request.
  • Funeral homes that have arranged for billing do not need to prepay. Prepayment is required for all other obituary submissions. To arrange payment, call (402) 643-3676.


One photo, printed in black-and-white, may be included at no extra charge. If the photo was taken by a professional photographer, written permission must be included when submitting the photo.

Private Submissions

Obituaries and death notices submitted from sources other than funeral homes or crematories must include a name and phone number of the person submitting it to check validity. This is to prevent fraudulent and inaccurate submissions. For questions on billing, call (402) 643-3676.

Submission deadlines for obituaries
Crete News, 10 a.m., Monday
Seward County Independent, 2 p.m., Monday
Friend Sentinel, 9 a.m., Tuesday
Milford Times, 10 a.m., Tuesday
Wilber Republican, 3 p.m., Monday
(Please note: Deadlines may be adjusted depending on holiday schedules.)

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