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Seward County Independent contacts:

Kevin Zadina:



Emily Hemphill:

Managing Editor


Stephanie Croston:

Sports Editor/Assistant Editor


Amanda Woita:



Emily Hemphill:

Milford Times Editor


Hope Moural:

Wilber Republican and Friend Sentinel Reporter


Tammy Leff:



Monique Peetz:

Bookkeepping Assistant


Lynnelle Nissen:



(Front office):

Receptionist, Classified Advertising, Legal Advertising


Brenda Clark:

Graphic Designer, Commercial Printing and Advertising Consultant


Dave Fiala:

Graphic Designer


Nichole Javorsky:

Advertising Consultant 


Patty Lavelle:

Advertising Consultant


Jenny Brinkmeyer:

Milford Times office assistant


Doris Jiskra:

Wilber Republican office assistant

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