Overview:  Our papers are Wednesday editions with the exception of the Seward County Connection which comes out on Thursdays.

Overview:  Our papers are Wednesday editions with the exception of the Seward County Connection which comes out on Thursdays.

You can include an image of your print ad in the "Featured Ads" section of our websites.  When users click on the image of your ad, an enlarged, share-able version appears.

Place your business card on PAGE 2 of the Seward Independent, every-other-week in Full Color!  Great for long-term exposure in front of readers who will eventually need your product.

Our new "Post-It Note" advertising space has been a popular option for advertisers who want to ensure high visibility of their ad for a reasonable price.  Your ad would appear above the fold on page 3 (3A in the Seward Independent), with news content wrapped around your ad.

Another perfect opportunity to promote an upcoming event!  Remember that the Seward County Independent will reach about 7,000 readers each week who are eager to know what's happening in the area and want a lot of options.

On our obituary page, we've begun to offer an exclusive space which floats in the center of each of the notices.  It's another prime space which offers a lot of visibility.  The space has been a popular option for funeral homes and monument companies, but would be an excellent option for any…

This large banner ad is much like a billboard which appears on page 2 of the Seward County Independent.  This would be a great opportunity for the grand opening of a business or a large sale.

Place a banner ad on the front page of the paper!  Your banner will be the only advertisement on the front page of the paper.  In the Seward County Independent, your banner would appear in full color.  We also offer a front page of the "B" section in the Seward paper.

Our Classroom of the Week series is a great way to reach a target market in our area..... parents and grandparents of elementary schools students.  This series runs just September through May and features a different Kindergarten through 2nd Grade class at all Seward County schools including…


Take advantage of these opportunities to be seen in front of prospective customers.  Advertising on offers you a chance to access a diverse audience, savvy audience.

On our Breaking News email messages, we have a banner ad space which appears on the email portal page.  We allow only one advertiser in this space at any given time.  Check for availability.  Call the advertising department to reserve a space, 402-643-3676