Road closed

Portions of North Columbia Avenue in Seward will be closed from Lincoln Avenue to Highway 34 over the next few weeks. The road is getting a new top layer.

Parts of North Columbia Avenue in Seward may be closed for awhile—at least during the day.

The City of Seward is working with Pavers Inc. of Waverly on a resurfacing project from Highway 34 to Lincoln Avenue.

City Engineer Jake Vasa said the project is expected to be complete by August.

The Seward City Council approved the project at a cost of $208,118.80 in March.

“Right now, they’re prepping everything to do the mill and overlay,” Seward City Administrator Greg Butcher said.

The prep work includes ramps at intersections to make sidewalks wheelchair accessible, fixing portions of the concrete underneath the asphalt that have contributed to potholes and changing a few corners to help water flow off the road better in some areas.

“We hope to finish the concrete work before the Fourth,” Vasa said.

Eventually, the road will get a 2-inch asphalt overlay, which Vasa said will be done in mid to late July, if not sooner.

Butcher said the street will be closed during the day when workers are present, since they are working on a busy roadway and near intersections.

Barriers will be removed at night when possible.

“When they do the overlay, it will be closed for about a day until the surface is ready to be driven on,” Butcher said.

In April, Butcher said the city will wait to do the stretch from Lincoln Avenue to Hillcrest Drive in a different budget year.

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