Housing development

Work has begun on what will soon be a new housing development on the west side of Seward. Construction crews have been clear trees and preparing the area for lots.

Work has begun on two housing developments in the city of Seward.

One development, Shoal Creek, will add 22 lots south of Seward Middle School and will connect the dead ends of Rainbow Avenue and Parkview Drive.

It was approved by the city in March.

The second development, Fairway Woods, will eventually add more than 80 homes north of Hillcrest Drive, east of Augusta Drive and west of Eighth Street. Fairway Woods also includes land that is currently used as the driving range at the golf course.

The city is working to find a new location for the driving range.

Shoal Creek

Bob Benes, the Shoal Creek developer, said he agreed to wait until school was out to begin work on the site.

“We thought it would be unsafe,” he said, to work so close to the school while it was in session.

He said grading on the site will take two to three weeks.

After that, the developer will add water and sewer lines and roads.

Benes said the goal is to have the roads done by mid-August so people can begin buying lots and building homes.

Fairway Woods

The developer for the Fairway Woods addition is Building Seward and includes Mark Kolterman and Max Wake.

Kolterman said dirtwork began on the development May 11. That work includes digging out trees and working on a pathway that will eventually connect the Plum Creek Trail, which will eventually surround the city of Seward.

“We’re just getting started,” Kolterman said.

The development will be built in two phases, and Kolterman said the plan is to have the first phase, which includes around 40 lots, developed by Dec. 1.

The city is currently leasing its golf course land from the Wake family. The lease ends in 2022 and Wake has said his family plans to honor that agreement.

Kolterman said the plan is to sell lots in phase one before thinking about phase two. Phase two includes land that is currently used as the city’s driving range. Kolterman said development in that area will not begin development for several years.

“It’s a long ways off,” Kolterman said.

With a Dec. 1 completion date, Kolterman said he expects houses can begin construction in the spring of 2019.

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