Joe Murray

Defense attorney Joe Murray (left) delivers his opening statement to the jury in the Aubrey Trail trial as Saline County District Court Judge Vicky Johnson looks on June 18.

Aubrey Trail was not present in Saline County District Court during testimony given on behalf of state prosecutors July 1-3. 

The courtroom was packed with people wanting to witness the trial all through the week. 

July 1

FBI special agent Mike Maseth remained on the stand during the first part of the day, providing details on the three-hour video of his interview with Trail on June 11, 2018, as well as other interviews with Trail, totaling 11 in all. 

According to Maseth, Trail mentioned a trunk he had placed Sydney Loofe’s body in to transport her body into Clay County. Trail also drew a picture of the weapon he allegedly used to dismember her body. 

Maseth said throughout his investigation, Trail remained adamant Bailey Boswell was just involved in cleanup and disposal of the body “to keep quiet.”

Two pictures Trail drew were shown to the court, one of the weapon he allegedly used and the other of locations for the bags with Loofe’s body parts scattered in Clay County.

During the interview, Trail said he disposed of Loofe’s blood in a cemetery that was sacred to him in Clay County. 

Maseth testified regarding information Trail shared with him and Lincoln Police Department investigator Matt Franken off camera in a bathroom during a Dec. 5 interview. 

According to Maseth, Trail said, “Witches kill, witches kill, a life for a life, and they gain more power when they kill.” 

In a Feb. 4 interview, Trail said he killed Loofe and that she died by strangulation with an electrical cord during a sexual fantasy. Maseth was then presented evidence of drop cloth packaging bought by Boswell at Dollar General in Wilber on Nov. 15. He testified the same package was found at the scene of Loofe’s body on Dec. 5.

July 2

A woman who was a member of Aubrey Trail’s supposed sex cult testified July 1 and the morning of July 2. 

The witness, only identified by the initials A.H., testified Trail and Boswell asked her to join their cult of witches after meeting Boswell on Tinder in early July 2017. 

She recounted meeting with Trail and Boswell, who went by the name “Jenna” over the course of a few months. Both she and Boswell would travel to Lincoln to buy clothes, do their nails, eat and sell antiques at Aardvark Antiques. 

Boswell eventually brought A.H. back to their apartment in Wilber, where they had sex. A few days later, Trail brought up the subject of witches and his cult of 13 members of which A.H. was one. 

He said she “had to take her first soul” which meant kill someone in order to meet certain rules of the cult. She would also receive more power with torturous acts she performed. A.H. said Boswell often talked about different forms of torture she would like to perform such as cutting off a person’s eyelids and fingernails and pouring acid on them.

“They wanted to kill Bailey’s cousin and her boyfriend because she stole (from Boswell),” she said.

A.H said at one point, Boswell planned to kill Trail so the amount of power could switch to her. 

A.H. said she left the cult in the middle of September 2017 when Trail and Boswell discussed killing one of the other members because she was “too nice” and “had a big heart.”

Testimony continued with another member of the cult under the initials A.G., who said she also met Boswell through Tinder and knew her as “Jenna” in August 2017. 

A.G. said when she first met Trail, he introduced himself as a businessman, explaining his involvement in selling antiques. She got involved with the business herself, including stealing items that were to be sold at a higher profit. 

A.G. shared rules members in the cult had, such as tagging items, doing chores and not wearing clothing when in the apartment in Wilber. Her first discussion of killings was with Boswell, who said they target people who “aren’t good” and that killing is a “faster, quicker way to make money.” 

She said she left the cult in mid-October, when they requested her help in transporting cocaine and Boswell brought up killing Trail via poisoning. 

The last person to testify July 2 was identified as C.B. She met Boswell through Tinder around the last week of October 2017 and said Boswell went by the name “Kelsey.”

She recounted her first few days spent with the couple during Nov. 1-3. They went to the Ameristar Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where they gambled and stayed at the hotel.

The following weekend, she spent time with Boswell in Lincoln before traveling to the Wilber residence, where she had sex with Boswell. Around this time, Boswell mentioned a girl who was stalking her, claiming she wouldn’t stop texting her. 

According to C.B., Boswell asked, “Would you kill anyone for me?” to which C.B. answered no.

The weekend of Nov. 14-16, the period when Loofe disappeared, C.B. said she was not with Trail and Boswell but was in communication with them via text. 

On Nov. 17, however, she went back to Ameristar Casino with them. When asked by state prosecutors if either of their behaviors changed, C.B. said “they seemed quieter, tense, I guess.” 

It was there at the casino where Boswell asked her to kill the girl who had supposedly been stalking Boswell and that it was to happen Nov. 19. 

“They threatened to hurt my family so I said yes,” C.B. said. 

But when the day came, Trail told her she had proven her worth and that she didn’t have to worry about killing anymore. Instead, he asked her to help smuggle cocaine in from Grand Island.

C.B. agreed and they traveled to Grand Island in her car to transport the drugs, which could not be found while there. 

On Nov. 22, C.B. testified, she received a voicemail from the Lincoln Police Department about a missing person report and the trio left. 

“I played the message for Aubrey and they finally told me what happened,” C.B. said.

According to her, they said Boswell had met a girl and she went missing and the police were blaming them. They began to head to Iowa to talk but C.B. got a call from her mom, saying her dad was dying and she needed to come home. 

The following day, Nov. 23, Trail and Boswell dropped her off at the Ameristar Casino and that was the last time she saw them. 

July 3

During testimony July 3, Maseth took the stand again to present details on the first Tinder exchanges between Boswell and Loofe in November 2017. 

“They’re just chit-chat back and forth,” Maseth said. 

In the exchanges, which began on Nov. 11, Loofe introduced herself to Boswell, saying she lived in Lincoln but was from Neligh. 

The two talked until the morning hours, trying to set plans to meet the next day. Loofe provided Boswell with her address and they agreed to cruise around Lincoln and smoke weed. 

Just a few minutes after she received Loofe’s address, phone records show Boswell made a call to a Best Western Plus in Lincoln for that night with Trail. 

The following day, Boswell and Loofe met, drove around and smoked. Shortly after dropping Loofe off at her residence, Boswell messaged her through Tinder saying, “Goodnight, gorgeous.”

The two exchanged more messages on Nov. 15, the same day security footage shows Trail following Loofe into the Menards where she worked. Loofe and Boswell met that evening again, driving around and smoking before returning to Wilber where Loofe’s phone was last tracked.

Testimony was to continue July 8.

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