Middle lobby rendition

A rendition of the Seward High School middle lobby is shown. All proceeds from the Bluejay Bash Nov. 22 will go toward new furniture for the middle and north lobbies. 

This year’s Bluejay Bash is raising money for furniture at Seward High School.

The Bluejay Bash will be Nov. 22 at the Ag Pavilion. This year, proceeds from ticket sales will go toward new furniture in the high school lobby. 

“The high school currently has three lobby areas. The front lobby has a few tables and chairs, the middle lobby has four outdoor picnic tables and then the back lobby has nothing,” Laurie Sagehorn, co-organizer of the Bluejay Bash, said.

Sagehorn said the Student Leadership Team brought the idea to the Seward Booster Club’s attention.

“They said, ‘We really would like these areas redone. We’d like more areas for us to work on group projects, for us to create that community,’” Sagehorn said. 

Student Leadership Team President Emily O’Kief said there are usually 50 students in the middle lobby area after lunch. 

“It’s just crowded and the furniture in there is somewhat outdated,” she said.

Sagehorn said the estimated cost for the project is $55,000 for all new furniture in the middle and north lobbies. Sagehorn said whatever money is left over will be used for new furniture in the south lobby.

O’Kief and the Student Leadership Team have been putting in work to help raise money for the project as well. 

“We’re doing a coin war,” O’Kief explained.

She said each of the five jars has an incentive on it, like teachers singing in front of the student body. If a donor wants it to happen, they place coins in the jar to increase the positive value. Donors can put dollars in the jars with activities they don’t want to happen to increase its negative value.

“There’s a bunch of senior boys at our school this year that have grown mullets and one of (the jars) is if this one wins, they’ll shave their mullets off at our next rally,” O’Kief said. 

The Leadership Team has also been receiving help from the community. 

O’Kief said the Seward Youth and Community Club is matching the students’ efforts dollar for dollar up to $3,000. The Optimist Club is also donating $1,500 to the project. 

“Then we presented at the Rotary meeting just about our personal fundraising for the lobby renovations,” O’Keif said. 

After the presentation Dan Greiner with Blue River Jewelry offered to match $2,000 if the students reached their $3,000 goal. 

Those who purchased tickets for this year’s Bluejay Bash will also help raise money for the project. While at the Bluejay Bash, ticket holders can participate in a silent auction. 

Sagehorn said there was a trip to Estes Park donated for the silent auction as well as a guided pheasant hunt. 

Those who could not attend or purchase a ticket are more than welcome to donate to the project, Sagehorn said. Donations can be taken to the High School front office. 

Sagehorn said when all the money is raised and if all goes according to plan, the new furniture will be in place over the school’s winter break. 

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