Milford’s water tower will get a fresh coat of paint beginning this week, but residents should be aware that it might cause some minor water troubles.

Milford Maintenance Superintendent Gary TeSelle said the water tower has to be drained while the painters are working on it, which means the city’s water system will run off of pump pressure instead of tower pressure.

“Water quality will be fine. It will still be good water, low in nitrates,” he said, “but it’s hard water.”

The water tower was erected 15 years ago, and this will be the first time it has been painted—and the first time it has been drained.

“We’re not sure what to expect because it’s our first time using it (the pump pressure system). We’re going to be learning here,” TeSelle said.

The city must adhere to the same water quality standards as normal, so the water will be OK to use as normal.

TeSelle said the tower will begin draining on Wednesday, July 31, and if all goes according to plan, the painting should be completed within two weeks.

The tower will be painted white, and a new logo will be added to wrap around the tower. The logo will match the official city flag designed by Eagle Scout Nolan Eickhoff.

In other water tower news, TeSelle said phone company Verizon is close to being able to improve its service in Milford.

Currently, Verizon users in Milford rely on a cell tower in Dorchester for service, which is why they sometimes have phone trouble inside buildings.

He said the power lines and fiber optic cables are in place, but Verizon is waiting on approval from the Federal Communications Commission to place antennae on top of the water tower.

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