Easter egg

Participate in the Great Easter Egg Hunt while practicing good social distancing. Simply create an Easter egg picture and hang it in your window for others to see. It's great fun for kids to 'hunt' them, and a good way to keep little fingers busy for an hour or two.

A tradition for many kids and communities across the United States, Easter egg hunts are an integral part of spring.

Sadly, because of social distancing guidelines during the COVID-19 outbreak, hunts everywhere have been canceled.

The good news is they're being replaced by a different kind of hunt: in windows.

People all across the country, including locally, are encouraging their friends and neighbors to brighten these long, dreary days by hanging a picture of an Easter egg in their window so others can see it while walking or driving by.

Some are coloring eggs with crayons or markers; some are making paper collages. Still others are painting their windows and using removable tape to make patterns and designs.

Some communities are using hearts instead of eggs, or bears—a nod to the popular "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" story and song.

Locally, some businesses—yes, many are still open—have printed coloring pages for kids and families (or creative adults) to pick up and complete.

You can be a part of the fun simply by hanging the picture in your window or going out to hunt for others' artwork.

Watch for a special egg coloring page in the April 1 editions of the Seward County Independent and Milford Times!

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