John Skretta

John Skretta, Educational Service Unit 6’s new administrator, is passionate about education and student needs.

Skretta served 15 years at the Norris School District before making his way to ESU 6 in Milford.

“I came to Norris in the summer of 2004 as a high school principal, and from there moved into district level administration as an assistant superintendent and then the past nine years as the superintendent of the Norris school district,” he said. 

Skretta said when he heard about Dr. Dan Shoemake’s retirement and the ESU 6 position being available, he was excited about the possibility to work collaboratively with ESU 6 directors and superintendents. 

July 1 was Skretta’s start date and since then he as been able to identify some challenges, not only for himself, but for education as it continues to grow. 

“The demands for service in the technology realm are going to continue to grow at a virtually exponential rate,” Skretta said. “We cannot even foresee 10 years out what sort of requests, much less requirements, school districts will have around technology.” 

Educational service units everywhere are going to be looked to for helping provide technology support as years continue, Skretta said. 

He also believes that there needs to be some focus on students and their emotional needs. 

“If a student is suffering from depression or has been dealing with suicidal ideation, it would be absurd to think that a student who is experiencing that kind of mental anguish is going to perform real well academically,” Skretta said. 

Skretta said many schools will turn to their ESU to help them with Social Emotional Learning curricula as well as being mindfulness of the situations students face. 

“We’ve seen in some cases the most stable, supportive and nurturing environment a student experiences is when they’re in school,” he said.  “And the most consistent caring adult role model might be a teacher, and so because of that, we have to be better equipped as educators to address the emotional learning needs of students.” 

Skretta said his job within ESU 6 is to work with the directors of technology, student services and professional development to find a clear mission for how they go about their work. But he also needs to think outside of ESU 6 as being an approachable member of the school districts. 

“I’m also listening, attentively, carefully and considering what sort of state level multi-ESU partnerships are available that we might be able to capitalize on that would be beneficial for our school districts,” he said. 

As ESU 6’s administrator, Skretta serves 15 school districts including Centennial, Crete, Dorchester, Exeter-Milligan, Friend, Malcom, Seward and Wilber-Clatonia. 

Skretta said he is excited to work with ESU 6 and all the educators at each school district. 

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