Milford Public Schools new teachers 2019-2020

New staff members for Milford Public Schools for the 2019-2020 academic school year are, from left: (front row) Cody Eitzmann, Tonya Parra, Nancy Buchli, Emily Restau, Brittany Troyer and Taylor Wiltfong; and (second row) Dan Bartels, Rhonda Shively, Tiffany Reynolds, Sheila Kerins, Lynsey Kayton and Mindy Miller.

Milford welcomed 12 new teachers and staff for the start of the 2019-2020 academic year. They are:

Dan Bartels

Position: junior high football coach and elementary staff member

Previous experience: five years substituting

and six years as a second grade teacher

Originally from: Franklin

College: Doane University

Family: Wife Molly and children Clayton, Jaxton and Zoey

Hobbies: going to Husker games, reading, golfing and boating

Nancy Buchli

Position: math para

Previous experience: adjunct professor at Southeast Community College and substitute teacher at Milford Public Schools

Originally from: Clay Center, Kansas

College: Concordia University, Nebraska

Family: Husband TJ and children Cody, Dakotah, Ethan, Annabelle and


Hobbies: Walking

Cody Eitzmann

Position: 7-12 grade special education

Extracurricular: Junior high football coach

Previous experience: K-8 special education at Immanual Lutheran School in Wentzvile, Missouri

College: Concordia University, Nebraska

Originally from: Byron

Family: Wife Taylor and son Griffin

Hobbies: Hunting, traveling and playing/watching sports

Lynsey Kayton

Position: First grade teacher

Previous experience: student taught special education and kindergarten in Milford

Originally from: Seward

College: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Family: Husband Thomas

Hobbies: jogging, taking bike rides and traveling

Sheila Kerins

Position: Sixth grade teacher

Previous experience: student taught third grade in Milford

Originally from: Omaha

College: Doane University

Family: fiance Jacob

Hobbies: crafting and walks with her dog, Callie

Mindy Miller

Position: third grade teacher

Previous experience: K-12 teacher at Bee and daycare provider

Originally from: North Platte

College: Concordia University, Nebraska

Family: Husband Greg and children Nathan, Tanya, Ashlynn and Jarrett

Hobbies: read, play and watch sports and scrapebook

Tonya Parra

Position: 7-12 special education teacher

Previous experience: taught at Kansas City Public Schools, Lincoln Public

Schools and Friend Public Schools

Originally from: Seward

College: Peru State College

Family: Husband Andy and children Sydney, Lauryn, Zack and Leyton

Hobbies: reading, watching Grey’s Anatomy and going to garage sales

Emily Restau

Position: Substitute teacher

Extracurricular: head volleyball coach

Previous experience: five years teaching at David City Public School

Originally from: Central City

College: Peru State College

Family: Husband Nick and daughter Electa

Hobbies: staying active

Tiffany Reynolds

Position: Kindergarten teacher

Previous experience: kindergarten teacher at Lincoln Public Schools for 13 years and three years in Fort Myers, Florida

Originally from: Milford

College: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Family: Husband TJ and daughters Sarah and Hannah

Hobbies: reading and golfing

Rhonda Shively

Position: Cook

Previous experience: one year at Seward Elementary School

Originally from: Garland

Family: Husband Doug and daughter Rachel

Hobbies: Walking and Jazzercise

Brittany Troyer

Position: Preschool para

Previous experience: 12 years at Little Leaps Child Development Center in Milford

Family: Husband Andrew and children Paizleigh, Witten and Knox

Hobbies: Target runs, reading and watching Hallmark movies

Taylor Wiltfong

Position: Fifth grade teacher

Previous experience: student taught third grade

Originally from: Omaha

College: Concordia University, Nebraska

Family: Husband Riley

Hobbies: reading, traveling and running

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