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An update from the sheriff's office around 2:45 p.m. Feb. 4 said the man has been identified.

"The Seward County Sheriff’s Office and the Seward Police Department have positively identified the hispanic male. We have determined that the subject is no longer in Seward County, and is most likely in California," Vance wrote.

"The investigation is ongoing with an interview of the subject pending. The subject’s name is being withheld for the time being to protect the integrity of the investigation and the subject’s due process. There is no threat to the residents of Seward County."


The Seward County Sheriff’s office is tracking suspicious activity at a local Walmart store.

According to a public safety information release posted on the department’s social media on Feb. 3, the department has been made aware of at least four incidents occurring at the Seward Walmart.

“During each incident there has been a Hispanic male following adults with children around the store and photographing the children. In one incident the Hispanic male left the store when noticed and waited outside for the female,” the release said.

The department obtained a description of a maroon van with a 16-county tags in connection with one of the incidents.

“I urge the public to be aware of their surroundings and the people around them. We will be working with the Seward Police Department to find this person,” Sheriff Mike Vance said in the release. “In the meantime, I will have deputies during the evening when this is occurring making rounds in Walmart, both in uniform and out of uniform.”

Vance said anyone who notices this or other suspicious activity should contact local law enforcement and let store employees know immediately.

“There may be a deputy or officer in the store at the time and can be alerted by radio from our E-911 Center,” Vance said. “We will continue to investigate these incidents. Please be safe and watch your children.”

Vance said he also informed the York County Sheriff’s Department to make it aware of the activity.

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