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These pictures show the before and after of GP Restoration and Blasting’s sandblasting process. Sandblasting can remove paint, dirt, rust or stains from metal. Their projects range in size from patio furniture like this to semi trucks and trailers.

Think that old rusty piece of junk is goner? It may not be. It may just need sandblasted.

Kyle and Gretchen Garrison started GP Restoration and Blasting almost five years ago and moved the business to Milford a year and a half ago.

“We started because of my father-in-law,” Gretchen said, addressing the Milford Chamber of Commerce at a recent meeting. “Kyle grew up doing a lot of car things with his dad.”

Kyle saw a television commercial from another company and thought he could give sandblasting a try.

Sandblasting is sort of like powerwashing, she said.

“Think powerwasher with grit,” she said. “It’s pretty powerful. It’s this huge pressure of water.”

Sandblasting can remove paint, dirt, rust or stains from metal.

“He (Kyle) helps you clean off debris so you can paint or update. He can clean scale off of items,” Gretchen said, such as lime scale or mineral deposits.

GP Restoration and Blasting began as a mobile business. Kyle would visit a customer’s home or business with his blasting equipment for each job.

“Being fully mobile, we never knew where we were going to blast or how much clean up there would be,” she said.

Now, the business is on an acreage at 2197 O Street Road northeast of Milford.

“We’re really glad to be on our property,” Gretchen said, though Kyle can still mobilize when necessary.

She said though they mostly use sand for blasting now, they started with recycled bottle glass.

“It was originally Nebraska Dustless Blasting, basically blasting with water and bottle glass,” she said.

Now that they’re on their own property, they’re isolated enough that the sand particles don’t affect neighbors.

Though some businesses recover the sand they use in the blasting process to use it again, Gretchen said they have chosen not to so far because of the cost.

“We could at some point. That’s another piece of equipment. With sand being so inexpensive, it’s almost worth not doing it,” she said.

The business has blasted projects of all sizes, from swimming pools and semi trucks to parking lot paint and patio furniture.

“Probably his favorite thing to do still is cars,” Gretchen said. “We have done a few larger semi trailers, semi cabs, tow trucks, bigger projects, smaller projects.”

She said the cost of each project varies, depending on what’s required.

“Every project is individualized, so it’s hard to list prices,” Gretchen said.

They’ve also tried blasting brick but learned it can be tricky.

“We’ve had ups and downs with brick. Older brick sometimes is a little tougher to clean. It could start disintegrating in a few years because of the process,” she said.

Kyle has starting to do painting and priming, as well, which has to be done quickly after blasting.

“When you take off the rust and the paint, you have about 48 hours in the Nebraska humidity to get it into some sort of primer,” Gretchen said.

She said they hope to continue working on a variety of projects and learning new techniques as they go.

“He’s forever trying to learn and improve and do a better job at what he’s doing,” she said.

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