A six-month moratorium for project development on the Milligan One wind farm in Saline County was discussed during the Aug. 20 Saline County Commissioners board meeting. 

The request was brought forward by Sandra Koll of Wilber and Gary Veprovsky of Dorchester, who would like additional regulations established with the county before construction continues. Some of those desired regulations include FAA approved lights on top of the turbines and sound level restrictions.

“Right now we (the county) have nothing on noise, and I think we should at least have something,” Koll said. 

No action was taken on the request because of litigation filed against the county last month. 

According to court documents, Marilyn Capek of Massachusetts sued both the county and EDF Renewables July 24 for approving a right-of-way approved on property she owns within the county. Usage of the ROW was approved by the board June 25. 

“The permit does not permit granting of occupancy,” the document reads. 

In relation to the litigation, Saline County Attorney Tad Eickman advised the board to not take any action on a possible moratorium, or halting of project construction, until legal matters can be resolved. 

Not only that, but the board agreed regulations between EDF and the county need to be examined before any action can proceed. 

“I am not going to make (a motion) for moratorium because these regs need to be looked at,” Commissioner Russ Karpisek said. 

Also during the meeting, Highway Superintendent Bruce Filipi relayed to the board that County Road 900 is currently closed and there is a gravel rock shortage at the Beatrice location where the department was receiving materials to repair and fill in roads from flooding this spring. 

Filipi updated the board on a county utility building being built in Friend and said a base has been poured for the building. 


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