Darren Segner

The Exeter-MIlligan/Friend FFA chapter has several events to celebrate.  

In July, the chapter received notification from the National FFA Organization that its National Chapter Award received a nation two-star rating out of a possible three-star rating.  

The National Chapter Award measures the quality of a chapter’s activities. Chapters must meet quality criteria in 15 different areas. The award focuses on three overall categories of growing leaders, building communities and strengthening agriculture. 

Chapters must first apply for this award at the state level and be rated in the top 10% in the state in order for their application to be forwarded to the national level. 

The FFA officer team worked on this application throughout the year with Josie Vyhnalek leading the way on the application. 

The next celebration for the chapter is that two members will receive their American FFA Degrees.  Darren Segner and Maggie Vyhnalek’s American FFA Degree applications were approved by the National FFA Board of Directors.  

The American FFA Degree is the highest honor an FFA member can receive in the organization. This award is based on records for their Supervised Agriculture Experience Project, FFA involvement and community service hours. 

It is also important to mention that only .01% of FFA members attain this honor. The chapter is incredibly proud of both of these members’ accomplishments. 

On Aug. 25, the chapter held its first meeting for the new school year. 

There were 50-75 members and community members in attendance.  The FFA alumni group also gave a presentation on becoming a booster member and encouraged new members to join.   

If you are interested in becoming a booster, contact Paul Segner or Scott Vyhnalek. 

Some upcoming events for the EMF FFA chapter are the State Fair, EDGE Leadership Conference, Husker Harvest Days and the Cornerstone Ag Careers Day.  

Stay tuned for more updates. You can also “like” the EMF FFA Facebook page for more information and pictures of our events.  

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