For the first time since the 2012 football season, the lights were on at Nerud Field in Dorchester on a Friday night for football.

The Longhorns ushered in a new era of six-man football with a crowd that surrounded the field. Unfortunately for DHS, the visitors from Walthill dominated the game 73-0.

“It’s a brand new game for everybody,” Coach Brent Zoubek said. “It will be a process. We’ll take it week by week.”

Although the score was lopsided, Zoubek said his team played hard through the whole game. The kick return game was a highlight, with Carson Zahourek gaining 160 yards on four return attempts. Quarterback Tim Newlin also moved well for his first game, Zoubek said.

“We’ll stay positive and keep things upbeat,” he said.

He said the first-game atmosphere may have overwhelmed some of the players, but the team stayed close through the first quarter, intercepting a Walthill pass and having a chance at a touchdown.

“Then the wheels fell off and we couldn’t change the momentum,” Zoubek said.

DHS had another chance to score in the fourth quarter but dropped a pass in the endzone.

The Longhorns will be on the road Friday, Aug. 31, at St. Edward, which is about 10 miles from Albion. Zoubek said the Beavers had a tough opener against Sterling.

“They took it on the chin, too,” he said.

He said the Longhorns will continue to work on fundamentals like ball security, lining up correctly, calling plays correctly and getting a good push off the line.

“Walthill controlled the line of scrimmage,” Zoubek said.

Kickoff Friday at St. Edward is at 3 p.m.

Zoubek thanked all the alumni who came back to celebrate the new season.

“It was neat to come together as a community and school,” he said.

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