o Hawley of Tobias may have won the Wilber Czech Days Art Show “People’s Choice” award, but she could not have done it without her father. 

Growing up, her dad would draw little cartoon figures on pieces of material for fun. 

“I suppose that’s where I got my creative knack from,” Hawley said. 

She most recently won at the art show for her painting entitled “Music, Music, Music.” 

The painting depicts a photograph of her real-life friend Steve Hergenrader.

This is Hawley’s third year submitting to the art show and said it’s the only competition she enters. 

“I mostly work off of photos now,” Hawley said. “I like to do people and animals, too.” 

She said her winning art took around 40 hours to complete overall. 

Hawley, who works as a mail carrier along with husband Ryan, took art classes in high school but has no formal training beyond that. 

She has done artwork for buildings and murals around the Milligan area, including the Kassik Milling Company sign and advertising signs painted in the Saline Center building.  Hawley also created the design of the flags that hang in downtown Milligan. “Art has changed over the years,” Hawley said. “I’m learning to paint for myself now and I enjoy it.” 

She used to take requests from family members or people in the area, but is working on saying no and focusing on just what she wants to paint or draw. She enjoys mostly painting with oils but has done artwork using acrylic and chalk as well. 

Hawley said she plans to enter the Czech Days art show in 2020 and is already working on a potential entry, portraying a veteran Quilt of Valor recipient. 

She said a goal of hers is to win in the “Best Overall” category. 

Hawley not only paints and draws, but is also taking up pottery with her daughter. 

She said it can be tough to get the motivation to paint some days. Sometimes the pieces don’t turn out like she planned, but once she is pleased with a project, she gets an indescribable feeling. 

“You just know,” Hawley said. 


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