Residents of Friend, Exeter, Milligan, Beaver Crossing and surrounding areas will take part in the 32nd annual Life Chain Oct. 6. 

The Life Chain takes place on the first Sunday in October, known as Respect Life Sunday, to raise awareness for the pro-life movement. 

Maureen Houlden, who is a member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Friend and has participated in the event for 28 years, said it is not about the number of people but about the praying that takes place. 

“Even if just 30 people show up, that’s 30 hours of praying,” Houlden said. “It makes a difference.” 

Local church members take part in the event, which consists of an hour of praying while standing along Highway 6 in and around Friend. 

Houlden said the event is one on a national spectrum, starting out in California in 1987. 

“We want people to know there is support and other options beside abortion,” Houlden said. “I try to expand prayer to all the different circumstances (that go into the decision).” 

Houlden said there are anywhere from 35 to 40 people who participate, and the group hopes to reach the younger generation with time. 

Life Chain 2019 will take place in Friend along Highway 6 from 2 to3 p.m. All are welcome to join. 

Pro-life signs will be handed out just before the event begins.

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