The Exeter-Milligan Family, Career and Community Leaders of America chapter officers attended Nebraska FCCLA State Leadership Conference in Lincoln April 7-9.  

Approximately 1,200 FCCLA members from across the state were in attendance. The conference opened with state officer candidates introducing themselves.  

Caitlin Murphy was one of the state officer candidates. The evening keynote speaker was Logan Weber. Weber shared that even organizations have “Goliaths,” barriers, challenges and obstacles blocking the path to their goals.  Rather than running from them in fear, or behaving as if they don’t exist, the most successful among us have used one secret to rise above every challenge and it is available to all of us, to shift our vision from the obstacles to the rewards awaiting us in the future.  

E-M FCCLA officers were able to tour Hudl and Memorial Stadium. District Officer meetings were held, along with networking events with FCCLA members from across the state. E-M officers attending were: Caitlin Murphy, president; Daisy Kanode, vice president; Anna Sluka, secretary/treasurer; Kayla Geiger, PR/historian; and Jaiden Papik, district officer.

Murphy competed in Students Taking Action with Recognition with a leadership project titled “Learning to Lead,” which focused on using the planning process to create a portfolio to complete a leadership profile and employability skills checklist, competencies inventory analysis and summaries, three observers leadership competencies inventories and summaries, writing an admirable leadership summary and developing a leadership plan.  

The portfolio also included an outside perspective reflection and leadership reflection. She was awarded a gold medal and was state runner-up. 

Murphy will represent NEebraska FCCLA and E-M FCCLA at National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California June 28-July 4.  

Murphy also was a state officer candidate. Through this process she had a detailed application, interview with the state department representative and FCCLA Board of Directors members, completed an FCCLA knowledge exam, prepared an introduction for the opening ceremony and was observed in leadership and team building activities with other candidates. 

The last component was a three-minute speech on a given topic in front of the voting delegates and advisers. Murphy was elected Nebraska FCCLA vice-president of competitive events and will represent Nebraska FCCLA at National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California, along with seven other elected officers.

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