The Friend City Council approved a resolution to add a question regarding an increase in sales tax on the November special election ballot at its August meeting. 

The council approved another resolution regarding a $3 million bond issue to be added to voters ballots as well for the construction of a new city pool facility. 

An ordinance to annex certain properies into coporate limites was also passed by the council. Those properties include: 

•Beckler Living Trust, located at 560 West Third Street

•Friend Developement Group Inc., 309 Cedar Street

•Milton Bros. Implement Inc., 604 U.S. Highway 6 

•Property of Norman E. and Roseanne N. Schluter, 616 U.S. Highway 6

•Property of Glen and Bonnie Felt, 416 County Road 600

•Property of Paul and Carol Johansen, 429 County Road 500

•HRW Farming, 624 U.S. Highway 6 and 630 U.S. Highway 6; and  

•Farmer’s Union Cooperative Co Inc., 650 U.S. Highway 6 

In another matter, the council held a public hearing for the Qwik 6 conveniance store to obtain a Class B liquor license. A motion to present the recommendation to the Nebraska Liquor Commission was approved. 

Unfinished business for the council included a hearing for a nusiance property at 213 Main Street, which is set to be condemned. 

Former owner Joe Snyder was present and said he was in the process of selling the property. 

City attorney Katie Spohn advised the council to give Snyder a selling date of Sept. 1 and let the potential new owner know it is to be torn down. 

A motion to abate the property no later than Oct. 1, 30 days after the selling date,  for Snyder or the potential new owner was made by Councilman Shane Stutzman. 

“If the purchaser knows where we are in this, he has until Oct. 1 to tear it down,” Mayor Jewles Knoke said.


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