A Gold's Gym sweatsuit, underwear, a bloody towel, Hefty trash bags and other clothing items were the main focus of testimony given June 26 in Saline County District Court for the murder trial of Aubrey Trail. They, along with 13 of the 14 dismembered parts of Sydney Loofe's body, were found in rural Clay County Dec. 4-5. Investigators searched and found evidence from 17 sites in total.

FBI special agent Eli McBride testified for the third time on behalf of the state regarding the search for Loofe's body and the search conducted at Trail and Bailey Boswell's residence in Wilber.

During the residential search, boxes for Hefty trash bags and a Gold's Gym suit were found. Among other items found and seized were a book entitled "The Human Body Atlas" and a variety of sex toys.

The jury was presented with a white Columbia jacket that was found in a field during the Dec. 5 search.

State prosecutor Sandra Allen asked McBride if he recalled a photo of Loofe when she was getting ready for her Nov. 14 date and what she was wearing in the photo.

"A white Columbia jacket," McBride said. 

Jurors were then presented with photos of Loofe's body but kept calm faces throughout the examination. McBride said the only part of her body that was not found was her upper left arm. 

Because Loofe's family has attended every day of the trial this far, the only picture shown to the court was of one of Loofe's hands. 

The state then called FBI medical examiner Stacy Furman, who explained to the jury what she looks for when presented with potential criminal evidence. She was asked by state attorney Mike Guinn to detail her involvement with the Trail and Loofe case. Furman was presented with the "The Human Body Atlas" book in court and walked through her process with the jury. 

Furman said there were no known fingerprints to link back to Trail, Loofe or Boswell. 

Marcie Plaza, a forensic examiner at the FBI headquarters in Quantico, Virginia, was also called to the stand. She presented details on items that were collected at the sites where Loofe's body was found.

Two items tested positive for Loofe's blood, including a pair of pajama pants and a towel.

Trail was not in court June 26 for the second day in a row, but his attorneys said he is expected to be there on Thursday. Testimony is expected to continue into next week in Saline County District Court.

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