Testimonies given on behalf of the state continued June 21 in Saline County Court for the murder trial of Aubrey Trail. Details on what was found in the apartment complex Trail and Bailey Boswell were renting in Wilber were provided. 

The day started with testimony from Saline County Sheriff's Office deputy Tom Hudiburgh, who became involved with the case Nov. 18, during the search for Sydney Loofe. He was one of the first people to enter the residence, owned by Alan and Jennifer Koll, to search for any sign of the missing person, Loofe. 

Hudiburgh detailed his involvement that also included a search at Turkey Creek in Saline County and at the Milford landfill for any sign or evidence of Loofe's possible whereabouts. 

"We were directed to the 'Wilber' section and started looking there," Hudiburgh said. 

Both landlords of the apartment Trail and Boswell were living in, the Kolls, also took the stand. 

Alan Koll recounted details on how Boswell and Trail seemed as tenants, saying he didn't see or interact with them often. Koll was also asked by the state to walk through the layout of the apartment in question and was asked about events leading up to Loofe's disappearance. 

"My wife texted me and said she smelled a strong odor of bleach," Koll said in regard to Nov. 16. "It was faint but noticeable." 

Koll said the week of Nov. 13-17, he did not see either vehicle that Boswell and Trail drove and that he last saw them the week before Loofe's disappearance. 

Koll's wife, Jennifer, also took the stand and detailed Nov. 16, the day she smelled bleach coming from the downstairs apartment. 

"I'm allergic to bleach so we never have it in the house," Jennifer Koll said.

She said she last saw Boswell Nov. 15 with a female who she believed to be Loofe. 

The state then called Nebraska State Patrol Investigator Pedro Nabegh to recount his involvement in the case. He also searched the residence in question and was presented with the photos he had taken of the apartment, walking the court through the law enforcement process. 

"You're looking for proof of a person's presence or evidence of a timeline," Nabegh said.

State prosecutors then brought out three bleach bottles that were seized at the scene as well as a cutout of bedding that was in the home at the time. Nabegh said a matching bedsheet was found in Clay County, where Loofe's body was found. 

Trail's trial will continue through the next few weeks in Saline County Court. 

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