Although Aubrey Trail was not present in Saline County District Court June 25 for his murder trial, the courtroom was packed for the third day of testimonies in Wilber. 

The state began the day by calling Lincoln Police Department investigator Matt Franken to the stand. He was asked to detail his involvement in investigating the disappearance of Sydney Loofe and the eventual apprehension of Trail and girlfriend Bailey Boswell. 

Franken also described Facebook videos Trail and Boswell made on Nov. 29, the day before they were discovered in Branson, Missouri. The first of the videos, put online earlier that day, was shown in court. In it, Trail said he wanted to clear up what the media was saying about Boswell and himself, saying he wanted to "share his side of the story."

The videos are what eventually led to their arrest the following day, as explained by FBI agent Mike Maseth, who also testified Tuesday. He said once he had been made aware of the videos, he issued an emergency request from Facebook to track down their IP address. An IP address is traceable to the closest cell tower a person is located next to when using an electronic device. 

Maseth eventually tracked the IP address to a hotel in Branson called the Windmill Inn, and the couple was arrested a short time after. 

The state then called Jenny Bloom, a hotel clerk at a Grandstay Hotel in Ames, Iowa, where she checked in Boswell and Trail on Nov. 26. When asked about Trail's demeanor, she said he seemed, "quiet but friendly."

After going online the next day and seeing a news story about the two, Bloom called a tip line to share she had seen them the day before. A still of security footage was shown in court, where Bloom identified Trail, Boswell and herself on Nov. 26.

Up next was Bob Hurley, an investigator with the Lincoln Police Department, who detailed his work in tracing the possible route Boswell and Trail took to dispose of Loofe's body. He also did this through tracing three cell phones, two of which belonged to Boswell and one to Trail, the week following Loofe's disappearance. 

"The only time they went west of Wilber was on Nov. 16," Hurley said.

He examined phone activity from that point forward and came to the conclusion that "Clay County was where something might have happened."

The first week of December 2017, Hurley nailed down a particular location for investigators to check out - the intersection of Road S and Road 310 in Clay County. Hurley said he noticed a lot of places where the devices seemed to slow down in certain spots within the area and then pick up again. 

"The time and the distance didn't add up," Hurley said. "Even if you would have been going 40 miles an hour on a gravel road, you would cover more." 

On Dec. 3, investigators were at the scene of Road S and 308 when the upper arm portion of Sydney Loofe's body was found. Hurley said she was identified by a tattoo he had seen in pictures previously. 

A search was then arranged for the following day, as Hurley said it was clear that investigators were not finding everything.

Nebraska State Patrol investigator Corey Townsend testified on his involvement with the search for the remainder of Loofe's body. After narrowing down the search to the intersection of Roads 308 and S in Clay County, law enforcement would "stop at any point where you could conceivably hide a body," Townsend said.

The jury was presented with pictures of a bloody tarp and a plastic bag found with human remains, believed to be Loofe's, found in the Dec. 4 search.

The following day, investigators found remains of Loofe scattered at multiple search sites, including an arm and her upper thighs, both found in plastic garbage bags. The jury was also presented with physical evidence in court, a pair of pajama pants, which were found covered in blood during the search. 

The trial will continue in Saline County Court June 26 at 9 a.m. 

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