The Nebraska state primary election was May 12, and Saline County has released its unofficial results.

A total of 2,846 ballots were cast, with 570 people voting in-person on Election Day.

“Primary Day was good, we had about 25-30 people at each of the polls,” County Clerk Anita Bartels said. “We weren’t really surprised by the mail-in turn out, but we were grateful (that most did).”

There are 12 polling stations in Saline County, including those in Friend, Wilber, DeWitt, Crete, Western, Dorchester and Tobias.

In Saline County, there were three local government positions up for voting, including two county commissioner spots and two Friend City Council positions. Read below to see who will advance to the Nov. 10 general election ballot for Saline County.

County Commissioner

District Three:

Gary Veprovsky- 190 votes

Lumir Kotas- 174 votes

vs. incumbent Marvin Kohout at 205 votes

District Five:

Incumbent Janet Henning vs.

Brian Prybil-72 

Sarah Brown-60


Friend City Council

Ward One:

Kristen Milton- 111 votes

Stanley Krause- 69 votes

Ward Two:

Harlan Schrock-73 votes

David Sladek-52 votes


Bartels said official results aren’t due to the state until June 9, and she plans to keep making calls and verifying until then. She said as far as finding poll workers for Saline County, the turnout started out positive and then dwindled in the end.

“Thanks to a mass mailing sent out by the Secretary of State, we were able to fill out polls at the end,” Bartels said. “We got an excellent response after that.”

Personal protective equipment was available and given to those who needed it when voting in person May 12. All poll workers took the proper precautions when handling ballots and working with voters, as well.


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