Crete School

Crete Public Schools ended the school year on May 15.

Not being in-person created challenges for Crete Public Schools. Superintendent Joshua McDowell said he feels the district and teachers have taken measures to ensure success for the students through this. 

“We made sure that everyone could get connected to the internet,” McDowell said.

The elementary school students did not have one-to-one devices like the other schools provided. Devices were handed out to elementary school families that needed one.

“Drive through wifi” areas were created in parking lots of schools in order for those who didn’t have access to wifi at home. These places include in the parking lots of the middle and high schools. The parking lot between the administration building and the elementary building is also “lit up,” McDowell said.

Crete Public Schools also reached out to individual families and distributed around 18 Verizon hotspots to be used for school purposes.

“Based on our contacts and what we’ve done [in terms of the wifi light up and distributing hotspots] that our kids can get connected,” McDowell said. “That was the first barrier and I feel really confident that we are over that.”

McDowell also praised the teachers for their work in connecting with students from a distance.

“I watched teachers go above and beyond to connect with kids and their families virtually,” McDowell said.

Those connections included phone calls, individual Zoom meetings and emails.

“I really feel like, as we’ve navigated this transition to the virtual world here, that we have layered the supports,” McDowell said. “I think our teachers and our families are becoming more and more comfortable with that.”

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